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    Siberia’s Yakutia could turn to Tu-214s for fleet modernisation


    Siberian carrier Yakutia could introduce Tupolev Tu-214s as part of its fleet modernisation programme, under a governmental agreement. The government of the Sakha republic has formally expressed interest – through an agreement at an international economic forum in St Petersburg – in acquiring the type for Yakutia. Yakutia has indicated ...

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    Siberia’s Yakutia restores ‘dismantled’ Superjet to flight


    Siberian carrier Yakutia has restored an Irkut Superjet 100 to flight after extensive maintenance, giving the operator additional jet capacity. Russian lessor GTLK says the aircraft was one of two it leased to the airline which, is says, were in a “dismantled state” at the end of last year. Yakutia ...

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    Yakutia to start introducing MC-21s in 2025: Sakha republic head


    Siberian carrier Yakutia will start taking delivery of Irkut MC-21s in 2025, according to the head of the Sakha republic. Nikolaev Aisen conducted an inspection of the MC-21-300 – the version fitted with Pratt & Whitney PW1400G engines – after a flight-test airframe arrived in Yakutsk for low-temperature tests. The ...

  • Yakutia SSJ auction-c-AHRF

    Accident-damaged Yakutia Superjet put up for auction


    Trading platform Auction House of the Russian Federation has started accepting bids for a Yakutia Sukhoi Superjet 100 which suffered a landing accident at Yakutsk in October 2018. The aircraft (RA-89011) landed on an icy runway and failed to decelerate sufficiently, overrunning into a buffer zone before striking a protruding ...

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    Yakutia chief Gorbunov steps down over carrier’s operational issues


    Siberian carrier Yakutia’s director general, Vladimir Gorbunov, is to step down from his post following prolonged operational problems with the carrier. Gorbunov had been appointed in October 2018 to lead the airline after previous chief Olga Federova stepped down in the aftermath of a Sukhoi Superjet 100 landing accident in ...

  • SSJ overrun-c-MAK

    Two Yakutia Superjets overran same icy runway within two hours


    Russian investigators have disclosed that a Yakutia Sukhoi Superjet 100LR crew experienced serious braking problems and overran a Siberian runway just 2h before a similar event badly damaged another Superjet from the same carrier. Yakutsk airport’s runway 23L had been undergoing construction work, shortening it by 1,150m and limiting its ...

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    PICTURE: Yakutia unveils commemorative Superjet 100


    Russian carrier Yakutia has taken delivery of another Sukhoi Superjet 100, painted in a ceremonial colour scheme.

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    MAKS: Yakutia signs to lease more Superjets


    ​Russian carrier Yakutia has signed a preliminary pact to acquire additional Sukhoi Superjet 100s as part of a fleet modernisation.

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    MAKS: Yakutia among three carriers to sign for MC-21


    ​Russian operator Yakutia has signed a tentative agreement to acquire five Irkut MC-21-300s, with two other carriers also reaching preliminary deals for the twinjet type.

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    Yakutia plots resumption of international flights


    ​Prospects of Yakutia Airlines resuming international services have improved after the carrier secured financial backing and is revamping its fleet.

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    Yakutia banned from international routes in safety crackdown


    ​Russian carrier Yakutia is to be banned from operating international services next week, under restrictions aimed at addressing safety standards at the Siberian airline.

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    Superjet overrun probe suspects misleading friction data


    ​Russian investigators probing a gear-collapse and overrun by a Sukhoi Superjet 100 have determined that the friction coefficient of the Yakutsk runway was far lower than the figure given to the crew.

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    Sukhoi blames Yakutia Superjet accident on 'external' issue


    ​Sukhoi’s civil aircraft division believes the landing accident involving a Yakutia Superjet 100 at Yakutsk is not attributable to the aircraft’s technical systems.

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    Yakutia Superjet damaged in Yakutsk landing excursion


    ​Russian investigators have opened an inquiry after a Yakutia Sukhoi Superjet 100 sufferd a runway excursion and apparent landing-gear collapse at Yakutsk.