The first all-new aircraft designed in the USA for its light sport aircraft category was unveiled by Rans at the US Sport Aviation show.

The S-19 earned special LSA certification on 21 December and is scheduled for first delivery by October. "As the first all-new US design and manufactured light sport to be offered, Rans has achieved something unique as the plane itself," says Rans chief executive Randy Schlitter.

The S-19LS is an all-metal low-wing that relied heavily on computer design. "In fact we never built a prototype, the first aircraft was production tooled and proof of tooling and process, says Schlitter.

Fifty aircraft could be made within 12 months, and if demand is sufficient production could then double. Expansion may be in the works as well, since the firm is already successfully producing the $85,000 S-7LS, a high wing tube and fabric tailwheel plane, which has been in production since October 2005.

The S-19LS features the Rotax 912ULS power plant, all glass cockpit, and an introductory price of $110,000. The aircraft has been available as a kit since July 2007.

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