While you are all thinking about new pet names for the reinforced cockpit door, here's something else to ponder. As nephew Rob Walden points out, at one end of the aircraft one has the cockpit, the nerve centre of the aircraft and home to the pilots, and no lock on the door. Meanwhile, at the other end of the aircraft we have the toilet cubicle..... Yes, quite.

.....and while aircraft fleets are being retrofitted with reinforced doors, the business of securing the cabin goes on. Apparently the Canadians have decided to forgo the stealthy approach when it comes to sky marshals, and have allotted the task to members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. I can almost imagine the Mountie's scarlet tunic blending in with the bright garb of fellow passengers, but how will that big hat fit in the overhead baggage container, not to mention the horse! In the USA and other parts one has to look for more subtle signs. They will usually be the stocky, shaven-headed passenger, wearing dark sunglasses regardless of ambient conditions, sitting in an aisle seat reading War and Peace, or in some cases Lord of the Rings.

....and while the industry gets back on its feet, or at least tries to, there are those who are already adapting. As nephew Rod Holdridge advises, try checking out a few enterprising web sites for new ideas:

Source: Flight International