Singapore Airlines is to fit Rolls-Royce Trent 1000s to the airline's new Boeing 787-10X aircraft, after the carrier disclosed a conditional order for 30 of the new type.

Rolls-Royce has been developing a new variant of its Trent 1000, which it has designated the 1000-TEN, which it will offer for the whole 787 range - including the -10X.

Singapore Airlines is to take delivery of the 787-10Xs from 2018-19, if Boeing formally launches the programme. The 1000-TEN engine is intended for service entry from 2016.

The airline says it has opted for the Rolls-Royce powerplant, and has also chosen the Trent 1000 to power 20 other 787s which will be delivered to its spin-off operation Scoot from 2014.

Singapore Airlines ordered 20 787-9s in 2006, before transferring the order to Scoot. Half of these -9s have been converted to the smaller -8.

Although the Scoot aircraft will start arriving before the 1000-TEN enters service, a source familiar with the agreement indicates that some of the airline's 787s will have the new Package-C version of the Trent 1000, due to be available in 2014, while others could be fitted with the 1000-TEN.

The carrier says it carried out a "detailed evaluation" of the two engine options - from Rolls-Royce and General Electric - for all 50 of the Singapore and Scoot 787s, adding that the final Rolls-Royce deal will include a TotalCare maintenance package.

Rolls-Royce has yet to confirm the engine supply agreement.

Its Trent 1000-TEN will feature improved fuel consumption compared with the current versions of the engine. It will be certificated to 76,000lb (338kN) thrust but will be able to generate 78,000lb if necessary.

For the 787-8s it will provide 70,000lb thrust, rising to 74,000lb for the -9. The 1000-TEN will take advantage of technologies from the Trent XWB, developed for the Airbus A350.

Singapore declared its intention to order 30 A350-900s alongside the 787-10Xs, which would be fitted with the Trent XWB.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news