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    Pilot Peer Assistance and Support Programmes go beyond a regulatory requirement

    2020-11-02T07:00:00Z Paid content by CAA International, by Nick Goodwyn, UK CAA Pilot Performance and Peer Assistance Business Lead

    In July 2018, the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) issued Regulation (EU) 2018/1042, now (EU) 2020/745, which requires all Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operators to implement a Support Programme (SP), which should include the use of trained peers, by 14 February 2021. The SP was a recommendation initiated by ...

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    Portfolio of Embraer Cargo Solutions Helps Maintain Critical Supply Lines

    2020-07-24T12:33:00Z In association with

    The severe decline in the number of airline passengers is creating a boom in demand for air cargo capacity. Fallout from the global pandemic is stressing supply chains and the transport of essential goods. With fewer commercial flights, which carry both passengers and freight, there’s a critical need for more ...

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    Flying into Uncharted Territory

    2020-07-22T16:39:00Z In association with

    By Arjan Meijer, President CEO, Embraer Commercial Aviation

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    GKN Aerospace Sweden joins feasibility studies of the future fighter jet engine

    Sponsored by

    22 July 2020 2018-ES-MM GKN Aerospace Sweden joins feasibility studies of the future fighter jet engine GKN Aerospace in Sweden participates in feasibility studies together with partner industries in Italy and the UK on future fighter engine technology development This follows the UK-Swedish 2019 MoU ...

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    Helvetic Airways Upgrades Embraer E2 Order

    2020-07-21T09:32:00Z In association with

    Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 15 th , 2020 – Helvetic Airways has signed a commitment with Embraer to convert four of their remaining firm orders to the larger E195-E2 aircraft. The original order, for 12 E190-E2s with purchase rights for a further 12, and conversion rights to E195-E2, was announced ...

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    Re-imagining Air Travel for a Post-pandemic World

    In association with

    Creating a contactless journey is key to restoring passenger confidence and accelerating recovery; existing technologies can make it happen – and improve air travel for years to come.

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    New Capabilities Enhance Heron UAS Family

    Paid content by IAI

    As a family of unmanned Aircraft systems (UAS) the Heron brand comprises the Heron TP, Heron I, Heron MK II, and the new variant - T Heron (Tactical Heron) configured for maritime and land operations. The drone family shares ground segments, common systems, and mission payloads, enabling users to perform ...

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    The airlines setting the pace in promoting women pilots

    A content partnership with CAE, by Kerry Reals

    Five well-known carriers are partnering with CAE in an innovative scholarship scheme that recognises the need to bring more women pilots onto the flightdeck

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    From cabin to cockpit

    A content partnership with CAE

    After starting in the back of the aircraft, Alex Hawthorne completed an MPL with easyJet and became a first officer with the airline two years ago. She is based in Venice

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    Dreamliner dreaming

    A content partnership with CAE

    Daniela Saucedo, 20, is beginning her career in aviation as a trainee with CAE Phoenix, where she is a flying ambassador for the national carrier’s cadet programme after receiving the CAE Women in Flight scholarship. She explains why she wants to be a pilot, and aspires to fly the Boeing 787 for Aeromexico

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    What keeps women grounded?

    A content partnership with CAE

    Research by CAE using interviews and other data sources has begun to get to the bottom of why so few females want to be pilots in the first place, and how this can be addressed

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    One of the few

    A content partnership with CAE

    Kathy McCullough flew 747s for Northwest until her retirement on medical grounds. An active member of ISWAP, she explains what she learned in more than 30 years as a pilot

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    Helping pilots on their career path

    A content partnership with CAE

    Judy Choi is an Airbus A320 and A330 flight instructor with CAE in Hong Kong. She explains what first got her excited about aviation and what she enjoys about her job

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    Breaking barriers

    A content partnership with CAE

    Why, deep into the second century of aviation, is being an airline pilot still a largely male preserve, and what can the industry do to attract more young women to the profession?

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    Ten of the pioneers who paved the way

    A content partnership with CAE

    From a pre-First World War French aristocrat to a modern-day former Afghan refugee, women aviators have been making history for over a century. We celebrate 10 of the best

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    Why aviation must catch up on diversity: A welcome from CAE’s Nick Leontidis

    A content partnership with CAE

    Whether in discussions at high-level summits or studied in new research partnerships, gender diversity is becoming a high-profile topic in aviation. In contrast to the many highly skilled professions that have achieved significant progress towards gender parity, aviation is a single outlier. Today, aviation is leaving half of its available ...

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    Futureshaper: Jun Xu

    In association with Honeywell

    Jun Xu is part of a 400-strong engineering team with Honeywell Aerospace in Shanghai focused on local OEM customers. He describes the part he and his colleagues have played in the journey to first flight and beyond of China’s first modern narrowbody

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    Powering in a new era

    In association with Honeywell

    Its industry-leading products include the HTF7000 and its 131 Series, but Honeywell Aerospace is also innovating fast in propulsion, with initiatives ranging from hybrid-electric generation and compact APUs to predictive maintenance