OMF Aircraft's four-seat Symphony 4 has been renamed the Symphony 250, as the German manufacturer prepares for the first flight of the piston single early next year. OMF says the new name reflects the horsepower of its engine and brings the nomenclature in line with its general aviation aircraft line.

The Symphony 250 is powered by a Textron Lycoming IO-540 250hp (185kW) engine, the two-seat 160 by an IO-320 160hp engine and the Symphony 135TDI, which is scheduled for certification early next year, by the 135hp Thielert Aircraft Engines Centurion 1.7 diesel cycle engine.

The Symphony 250 is scheduled to make its first flight in the first quarter of next year, leading to certification and first deliveries a year later, says the Neubrandenberg-based company.

"We will also make a decision next on whether to proceed with a diesel/Jet A-fuelled version of the 250," says Mario Böehme, OMF sales manager, Europe. The company is evaluating different powerplants, including the SMA Engines SRA305-230.

Meanwhile, OMF has opened a new facility in Three Rivers, Quebec, Canada, designed to manufacture and support the Symphony line of aircraft for the North American market.

Source: Flight International