We may be in Paris, but you'll be forgiven for thinking you're in southern France if you visit the Mors stand in Hall 2/G6.

The company has transformed its stand into a cosy cottage, complete with tiled roof and fountains.

And if you do pop in for a visit, company representatives in matching waistcoats will offer you a glass of red wine and chocolates.

But of course the conversation will always turn straight to business and before long, you'll hear the latest on the company's trio of new products.


The first is a cabin telephony system, which provides voice and data communications to aircraft passengers via a personal computer terminal.

The second is a Mini-Hums, designed to support light helicopters. In Mini-Hums, the aircraft data acquisition functions are embedded in the cockpit panel.

And the third is TPIS - a system that records real time tyre pressure data for use by flight and maintenance crews.

Company spokesman Gilles Foultier says: "Our company is based in the south of France, so we decided to re-create the atmosphere here at Le Bourget."

Source: Flight Daily News