THE HEALTH of the US general-aviation (GA) industry continues to improve. Aircraft makers shipped 445 aircraft, worth $1.3 billion, in the first six months of 1995, compared with only 406 aircraft, worth $973 million in the same period of 1994.

The industry rebound, was led by the turboprop segment, with a 27% increase in sales. By mid-year, 107 turboprops had been shipped, compared to 84 in 1994. Jet-aircraft shipments at the half-year mark totaled 105 units, compared to 101 at the 1994 midpoint - a 4% improvement.

A year after general-aviation product-liability legislation was signed, total piston-engine aircraft deliveries, including single- and twin-engine aeroplanes, were up for the first six months of 1995 at 243 units, compared to 221 units in 1994 - a 10% increase.

Exports for the period continued to drop, however, to 124 units, compared to 132 in 1994 - a 6% decrease. Export billings remained virtually unchanged, at $282 million.

Ed Stimpson, head of the General Aviation Manufacturers Association says, that shipments and billings for the year to date, show encouraging signs of recovery for the GA industry.

"New products are being introduced and new projects are under development. We are laying the foundation for an even stronger future," says Stimpson.

Source: Flight International