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    Future of MRO in Asia-Pacific

    Despite the challenges of border closures and flight groundings, the Asia-Pacific region remains one of the most important and dynamic markets for MRO. In this webinar, in partnership with the organisers of the Singapore Airshow, our expert panel will discuss growth prospects and challenges for the sector as airlines resume flights in earnest and recovery begins. What opportunities, for instance, do the rapid growth in international e-commerce, the arrival of latest-generation aircraft, and the emergence of new technologies promise for MRO providers and the wider industry?

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    Sustainability: How can aviation adapt to changing consumer behaviours?

    In association with CFM

    Aviation and transport were right at the top of the agenda at the recent United Nations COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow and it provided a boost for aviation decarbonisation and the sector’s net zero emissions. The drive towards increased availability and use of sustainable aviation fuels was crystal clear at COP26, as was a critical need for government, industry, and wider stakeholder collaboration to incentivise its use.

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    Greener airports and smarter air traffic management

    In association with CFM

    What part will advances in air traffic management have on the industry’s push to reduce its carbon footprint over the next decades? From optimal flight paths to reducing congestion around airports, managing the skies more efficiently could be key to sustainability. And airports themselves also have a role to play in making aviation greener. In this live panel discussion, our experts will debate what needs to be done to manage air traffic in a more environmental way.

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    The pace of airpower modernisation in Southeast Asia

    In association with Singapore Airshow, by Sponsored by Boeing

    Southeast Asia has several pressing requirements for new military aircraft. But, progress is slow. What are the key Southeast Asian airpower requirements over the coming decade? How can each country’s domestic industry contribute to meet these requirements? Our panel of industry experts will discuss these questions and more.

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    Rethinking the post-Covid cabin

    Sponsored by

    From restoring passenger confidence with enhanced hygiene measures to a reshaped global fleet with narrow bodies on more long-haul routes, the response to the pandemic is altering the look and feel of the aircraft interior. Hear from industry experts on how they think the flying experience will change during the recovery.

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    Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant lifts 2,400kg as flight testing continues


    The Sikorsky-Boeing SB-1 Defiant rotorcraft demonstrated the ability to lift a 2,400kg (5,300lb) sling load in a recent test flight.

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    Reconnecting Europe in a post-Covid world

    While traffic has begun to recover in Europe, continuing travel restrictions and concern over the Delta variant appear to have dashed hopes of a spectacular summer rebound for the sector. Our panel of senior industry executives debate how government policies, changing consumer and business habits, and the devastation caused to aviation over the past 16 months could reshape the way we fly within Europe in the medium and longer term.

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    US Navy’s unmanned MQ-25 demos air-to-air refuelling of F/A-18 Super Hornet for first time


    The US Navy’s Boeing MQ-25 Stingray unmanned air vehicle has demonstrated in-flight refuelling of an F/A-18F Super Hornet for the first time.

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    How can airlines reconnect North America?

    Sponsored by Cirium and Miami International Airport

    A year ago as the pandemic tore around the world, it was anyone’s guess when North American airlines would bounce back. At the beginning of a cataclysmic global crisis, passenger carriers cut routes, retired aircraft and shed staff. Now, optimism has returned, with major airlines reporting promising first quarter results, and sharply higher demand as Americans get back in the air. Majors are offering more point-to-point routes and looking to alliance partners to help support their growth, while smaller carriers scramble to grab more market share while US travellers have money to spend. Two new low-cost entrants - Avelo Airlines and Breeze Airways - are set to shake up the US market, while two others – Sun Country and Frontier Airlines – recently launched successful IPOs.

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    Reshaping Asia-Pac air network post-Covid

    In association with Singapore Airshow, by Sponsored by Embraer

    The pandemic has had a devastating impact on air transport networks in Asia-Pacific, both regional and long-haul. As vaccine programmes roll-out and passengers return to the skies, what will the new landscape look like? Will short-haul be the quickest to return? What is the future of low-cost and business travel? How can intercontinental hub carriers rebuild? Hear from our expert panel representing airlines, airports and the wider industry.

  • Steve Udvar-Hazy, Air Lease

    Steven Udvar-Hazy on the pandemic, environment and airline market recovery


    In an exclusive video interview with FlightGlobal, Air Lease executive chairman Steven Udvar-Hazy gives his insight on how the pandemic and environmental pressures are changing the airline industry, when the market might return to some kind of normality and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for Airbus and Boeing in future aircraft development.

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    Embraer concludes in-flight refuelling qualification between two KC-390 Millennium transports


    Embraer successfully concluded in-flight refuelling qualification between two KC-390 Millennium transports for the Brazilian air force.

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    Sikorsky tests UH-60 Black Hawk flying autonomously under pilot supervision


    Sikorsky and DARPA recently conducted an autonomous flight of a UH-60 Black Hawk under on-board piloted supervision.

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    Sustainable fuel: a greener future for aviation?

    In association with Pratt & Whitney

    We have been talking about it for a decade or more, but price and availability remain barriers for a sustainable aviation fuel breakthrough. What will it take for SAF to become mainstream. Our expert panel debates the key challenges for airlines, fuel companies, airports, engine manufacturers and regulators in transforming SAF from novelty to necessity. And what of the fuel itself? Is it as green as it is painted? Is it the best means to wean the industry from its carbon dependency?

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    Joby Aviation reveals plan to go public, showcases eVTOL in flight


    Joby Aviation, a Silicon Valley-headquartered air taxi company, will merge with Reinvent Technology Partners with the eventual goal of taking the startup public as it shows off its five-seat aircraft in flight and introduces a new chief financial officer.

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    Bell cargo drone demonstrates autonomous package delivery in residential area


    Bell recently demonstrated its Autonomous Pod Transport 70 (APT 70) cargo drone autonomously delivering a package over a 4mi (6.44km) preprogrammed route in north Texas.

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    Sustainability: Are we ready to embrace disruptive propulsion?

    In association with Pratt & Whitney

    Recent years have seen a flurry of initiatives to develop alternative power sources for aviation, from batteries to hydrogen. However, how realistic is a technological breakthrough that will herald a future generation of engines that do not use carbon-based fuel? Some believe a propulsion revolution is possible as soon as the next decade; others that evolution of current jet turbine technology is the most likely solution to cutting the industry’s carbon footprint. Our panel of experts will debate the likely course forward.

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    Crisis in the cockpit: how the pandemic has impacted pilots

    In association with GOOSE Recruitment

    Covid-19 has had a devastating effect on flight crew, with tens of thousands around the world laid off or furloughed and facing the most uncertain of futures. Together with GOOSE Recruitment, we have surveyed more than 2,500 of them, from newly-qualified officers to veteran captains, and in this webinar we discuss the results and implications for the industry.

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    2021 forecast: what shape will recovery take for aviation?

    In association with

    The worst year in modern commercial aviation is ending with positive news – the prospect of a Covid-19 vaccine being imminently available. Coupled with advances in rapid testing for air passengers and the growth of bilateral travel bubbles, are things about to improve? However, with cash-starved airlines on the brink, and an aerospace supply chain in crisis, the pain and uncertainty is sure to continue well into 2021.

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    Delta wins Decade of Airline Excellence Award for North America region


    Recipient of the Decade of Airline Excellence Award for the North America region, sponsored by Pratt & Whitney, and the overall winner.