The Federal Aviation Administration has certificated Britten-Norman’s BN2T-4S Islander turboprop, a move that comes decades after European authorities greenlighted the type.

The UK aircraft manufacturer disclosed the FAA’s certification on 23 January, though an FAA type certification sheet says the agency cleared the aircraft on 15 December last year.

Britten Norman Islander

Source: Britten-Norman

“This change is an important milestone for Britten-Norman and compliments existing type certificates for the aircraft with the UK [Civil Aviation Authority] and EASA,” Britten-Norman says. “The new certification opens up new markets for the company in the USA and internationally.”

UK regulators issued the BN2T-4S’s type certificate in 1995, the year Britten-Norman delivered the first of the type, according to Cirium data and regulatory documents.

Britten-Norman does not immediately respond to questions about why it had only recently sought the FAA’s approval.

BN2T-4S Islanders are powered by twin Rolls-Royce M250 turboprops. The aircraft has a 176kt (326km/h) maximum cruise speed and a range of up to 1,006nm (1,863km).

The company sells Islanders in nine-passenger commuter variants and 4-8 passenger executive configurations, and as freighters.

Britten-Norman says it is also seeking type certificates for the BN2T-4S from regulators in Canada and India.