Emirates has explained that 11 of its Boeing 777X orders are subject to reconfirmation, following a revision of Boeing’s figures for the Middle Eastern carrier’s 777X commitments.

The Dubai-based carrier had already cut its original order for 150 777Xs – comprising 115 777-9s and 35 777-8s – by 24 aircraft, as part of a new agreement under which it is taking 30 Boeing 787-9s.

Boeing’s latest figures indicate that a further 11 aircraft have since been trimmed.

Emirates says these 11 aircraft are “subject to reconfirmation”, meaning that the aircraft are listed in the contract but only become firm if the carrier exercises its reconfirmation rights by a certain deadline.

While the rejig means a total of 35 777Xs have either been cut or effectively converted to options, Emirates insists that these do not equate to the 35 777-8s included in the original July 2014 order.

Emirates 777X

Source: Emirates

Emirates is expecting to receive 101 777-9s and 25 777-8s

The airline has not axed the 777-8s and is still counting 126 777Xs as “future deliveries”.

FlightGlobal understands that this revised order of 126 aircraft comprises 101 777-9s and 25 777-8s.

This indicates that the 24 aircraft cut during the 787 agreement unveiled at the Dubai air show included 14 777-9s and 10 777-8s.

The composition of the 11 777Xs covered by the reconfirmation has not been disclosed.

“We continue to work closely with Boeing on our future,” the carrier says. “Emirates is committed to the 777X programme, and will remain the largest 777 operator.”