Iraqi Airways has taken delivery of another Airbus A220-300, bringing its fleet of the twinjet type to three.

The Middle Eastern carrier has five of the Pratt & Whitney PW1500G-powered type on order.

Airbus backlog data shows the aircraft (YI-ARG) was formally delivered on 30 December – exactly a year after the handover of its second example.

Iraqi Airways had received its first A220 in November 2021.

Its latest airframe (YI-ARG) was flown from Montreal to Oslo on 12 January, and then to Baghdad on 14 January.

Bombardier had originally secured the order for five aircraft – then known as the CS300 – in 2013, part of an agreement for up to 16.

Airbus inherited the agreement when it took over the programme in 2018 and rebranded it as the A220.

Iraqi A220 Oslo-c-Iraqi Airways

Source: Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways’ third A220 was initially flown to Oslo from Montreal

Iraqi A220 Baghdad-c-Iraqi Airways

Source: Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways originally ordered five A220s

Iraqi A220 Baghdad 2-c-Iraqi Airways

Source: Iraqi Airways

Iraqi Airways’ latest A220, YI-ARG, arrives at Baghdad airport