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  • Angara An-24 wing strike title-c-Investigative Committee

    An-24 wing-strike probe warns over pressing approaches in poor weather


    Russian investigators have established that an Antonov An-24B which landed at Ust-Kut with a damaged wing had been attempting a non-precision approach in poor weather before sustaining a serious left-hand wing-strike. The Angara Airlines aircraft (RA-47848) had been conducting a second approach to runway 30, following a go-around initiated by ...

  • Emirates A350-c-Emirates

    Emirates details in-flight entertainment system chosen for A350 fleet


    Middle Eastern carrier Emirates is to fit its upcoming fleet of 50 Airbus A350s with a Thales in-flight entertainment system. The Dubai-based airline says it has chosen the Thales Avant Up system for the twinjets, deliveries of which are set to commence in 2024. Emirates says the system features 4K ...

  • Embraer E190-E2

    Embraer touts E-Jets as ‘perfect complement’ for Malaysian operators


    Embraer has identified what it believes is a “mismatch” in capacity and demand among Malaysia carriers, and is touting its E2 twinjet family as the “perfect complement” to the airlines’ current fleets.

  • Overture clouds

    Rolls-Royce exits Boom’s supersonic airliner project


    Rolls-Royce has ended its involvement in a project by Boom Supersonic to develop a faster-than-sound passenger airliner, leaving unclear the powerplant options available to Boom.

  • Bombardier's blended-wing-body aircraft concept

    Bombardier testing second, larger flight demonstrator of blended-wing-body concept


    Bombardier has started flight testing a second, larger unmanned demonstrator of a conceptual blended-wing-body aircraft, expanding an effort the company says could inform the design of a radically different large-cabin business jet in future.

  • SSJ-New fuselage-c-United Aircraft

    Aurora agrees terms for SSJ-New deliveries to build east Russian fleet


    East Russian carrier Aurora has signed an agreement on delivery terms for eight Irkut SSJ-New twinjets at an economic forum in Vladivostok. The aircraft, a revised version of the Superjet 100, are part of a fleet modernisation for the carrier which includes Ilyushin Il-114-300 turboprops and the UZGA LMS-901 utility ...

  • Finnair A350-c-Airbus

    Finnair chief: Russian airspace closure took away ‘unique advantage’ of Asian reach


    Finnair is not ruling out the possibility of shedding personnel as part of an operational strategy revision intended to counter the weakening of its Asian route network. Asian services were among the most profitable in the Finnair network, and have been the platform on which it has developed Helsinki as ...

  • Finnair A350-c-Finnair

    Finnair overhauling network and fleet as Russian airspace ban upsets Asian strategy


    Finnair is to reduce its fleet size and restructure its route network after its fundamental strategy of serving Asian destinations was undermined by the closure of Russian airspace. The rebalancing of its network and re-alignment of capacity are part of a broad set of measures aimed at restoring profitability, after ...

  • MC-21-310-c-Irkut

    Aeroflot Group signs for 339 aircraft with deliveries intended from 2023


    Aeroflot Group has signed an agreement for the purchase of 339 aircraft, including 210 of the Irkut MC-21 twinjet, during an economic conference in Vladivostok. The agreement also covers 89 of the Irkut SSJ-New – a revised version of the Superjet 100 – plus 40 Tupolev Tu-214s. Deliveries of the ...

  • Brisbane_Airport_Qantas_domestic_terminal,_2022,_04

    Operational challenges likely ‘for some time’: Australia competition watchdog


    Australia’s competition watchdog has warned that operational challenges – including delays and flight cancellations – are likely to be around until after the end of the year, as it notes the domestic airline sector “has not been well-placed” to handle the spike in travel demand.

  • S7 737 Max VQ-BGV-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Russian government grants S7 Group permission to return leased 737 Max fleet


    Russian authorities are permitting S7 Group to return a pair of Boeing 737 Max jets to their leasing company, via export to Turkey. Several lessors have been trying to recover assets from Russian operators in the aftermath of sanctions on the country’s air transport industry. But pessimism over the likelihood ...

  • Lufthansa 787-c-Lufthansa

    Lufthansa Group averts latest strike threat after 'partial' agreement with pilots


    Lufthansa Group has averted a threatened pilot strike at two carriers after reaching a partial agreement with the cockpit union. The German operator had been facing a 48h strike by Lufthansa pilots and a 72h walkout by Lufthansa Cargo crews, both set to commence on 7 September. But the two ...

  • ITA A330-c-ITA

    ITA turns to Asia with new Indian and Japanese routes


    Italian operator ITA Airways is to reinforce its intercontinental network with services to Delhi before the end of this year. The airline’s operation from Rome Fiumicino will bring to nine the number of intercontinental routes flown by the carrier. It will open the Delhi route on 3 December with three ...

  • SAS A350-c-SAS

    SAS seek court approval of ‘essential’ pilot labour and restructuring support deals


    Scandinavian operator SAS is seeking court authorisation to enter the new collective labour agreements it reached with pilots following cockpit crews’ industrial action. SAS filed for US Chapter 11 protection on 5 July, the day after a pilot strike started, and reached an agreement with four crew unions which ended ...

  • Air Vanuatu 737-800-c-Windmemories Creative Commons

    Government signals commitment to Air Vanuatu fleet


    Vanuatu’s government is committing to supporting the Pacific republic’s airline, Air Vanuatu, including continuing lease of its single Boeing 737-800. Air Vanuatu says the infrastructure ministry has informed the carrier that it will do “all that is financially necessary and commercially viable” for the airline, after suggestions in the local ...

  • SAS A350-c-SAS

    SAS seeks to shed A350s and A330s as part of fleet-restructuring plan


    Two Airbus A350-900s and three A330-300s are among 10 additional aircraft that SAS is seeking to shed from its fleet, as part of a restructuring under US Chapter 11 protection. The company has submitted a 3 September court filing aiming to reject 10 leased aircraft – including five twin-aisle and ...

  • TAP A320neo-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

    Guinean authority confirms two fatalities after TAP Airbus hits motorcycle at Conakry


    Guinea’s government has confirmed two fatalities after a motorcycle was hit by a TAP Air Portugal aircraft as it landed at Conakry, the West African state’s capital airport. According to the Guinean civil aviation authority, the accident occurred on 2 September at around 23:40. The aircraft – an Airbus A320neo ...

  • Trent 1000-c-Rolls-Royce

    Trent 1000 engine-control update to counter 787 fuel-ice risk


    Boeing and Rolls-Royce are updating Trent 1000 electronic engine-control software to reduce the risk of loose ice blocking fuel lines on Boeing 787 twinjets. Rolls-Royce analysis has determined that there is a possibility of ice build-up in the engine fuel-feed system which, if released, could constrict the flow of fuel ...

  • Skyhawk 172

    FAA approves 100-octane unleaded aviation fuel, hastening shift from leaded gas


    US regulators have approved the use of a 100-octane unleaded fuel in all spark-ignition aviation engines, a move the general aviation industry says will help its transition away from leaded fuel.

  • Wizz A330-200F-c-Aeroplex

    Wizz-operated A330 freighter enters heavy check at new Budapest MRO facility


    Wizz Air’s single long-haul aircraft, the Airbus A330-200F it operates for the Hungarian government, has become the first large widebody for service at maintenance firm Aeroplex’s new facility. Budapest-based Aeroplex received the widebody hangar in March this year. The company says the A330 freighter, which ICAO classifies as a Code ...