Piper Aircraft has extended the warranty on its M600 to reflect the higher-than-expected utilisation rates and longer stage lengths of the single-engined turboprop's in-service fleet.

The six-seat flagship entered service in 2016 with a five-year/1,000 flying-hour warranty as standard. Now with the global inventory approaching 100 aircraft and 21,000 flying hours, the warranty has been lengthened to 1,500h, says Piper. The extension will also apply to in-service models.

Piper M600

Piper Aircraft

Piper’s vice-president of sales, marketing, and customer support, Ron Gunnarson, says the decision to boost the M600 aftersales offering followed both owner feedback and aircraft performance.

"When the M600 was introduced, we offered a warranty programme that reflected our commitment to our customers and confidence in the aircraft," he notes. "That commitment and confidence continue today as we identified an opportunity to increase our standard factory warranty."

Flight Fleets Analyzer records a global fleet of 95 M600s – 81 in North America, 12 in Europe and a pair in Latin America. Piper has seen steady demand for the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-42A-powered type, with output growing from 22 units in 2016 to 35 in 2017 and 37 examples in 2018.

Source: Flight International