UAE firm Adcom Systems is displaying a full-sized mock-up of a medium altitude long endurance UAV called the United 40 in the static park.

An illustration at the Adcom stand, however, labels what appears to be an identical aircraft the Yabhon-Smart Eye 2. The single-engine, single-tailed turboprop aircraft has a dramatic s-curve in the middle fuselage and full-sized wings both forward and aft.

Adcom has flown a similar, but smaller, UAV called the Yabhon-Smart Eye 1 that is believed to be a technology demonstrator.

ADCOMM Smart Eye 2

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According to a placard with the United 40 mock-up, the aircraft has a maximum take-off weight of 1,000kg (1,257lb), with its dual wings providing a total lifting area of 24.3m. The United 40 will have an endurance of 25h, a ceiling of 23,000ft, and can carry four 100kg pods on its wings.

Source: Flight Daily News