One of the key questions to be examined in this month’s free FlightGlobal virtual pilots’ jobs fair is why so few women become airline pilots.

The jobs fair, which takes place on 18-20 April, brings together commercial pilots and leading airline recruiters from around the world. A key component of the event is our video webinar, which examines initiatives to recruit more women into the cockpit.

Less than one in 20 pilots is female and the proportion is even smaller when it comes to captains, with just a few hundred in the entire world. Hosted by FlightGlobal’s Murdo Morrison, the webinar examines how the industry is badly in need of flightcrew, so encouraging more women to train - and remain - as pilots would seem to be not just an equality issue but simply good commercial sense.

jobs fair webinar screengrab

Cockpit resourcing: Morrison discusses recruitment issues with Capt Munns (right) and Capt Nugent (left)

To discuss the topic and examine efforts being made to redress the gender balance, Morrison talks to two experts in the field: Capt Marnie Munns - a senior captain with EasyJet, and Capt Leo Nugent - a training pilot who is also a senior official with the British Airline Pilots Association.

Munns is the face of EasyJet’s Amy Johnson Flying Initiative, a campaign to bring the percentage of women pilots flying for EasyJet to 20% by 2020. BALPA believes airlines could do more to prevent women leaving the profession by creating more flexible working patterns.

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