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  • Italian Predator B - Italian air force

    Italy describes desires for upgraded Reaper fleet


    ​The Italian air force has confirmed that it is in the process of acquiring the Rafael Reccelite reconnaissance pod and has its sights sets on the Selex ES Seaspray 7500E radar to upgrade its fleet of General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper unmanned air vehicles.

  • Tornado trio - Craig Hoyle

    Tornado could fly on into 2030s, partners say


    Europe’s Panavia Tornado will remain in use as a relevant frontline asset for more than another 10 years, according to its programme partners, even though one of its main operators does not plan to retain the type beyond the end of this decade.

  • News

    Two Italian Tornados collide during training flight


    ​Two Italian military jets collided during a 19 August afternoon training flight, the country’s air force has confirmed.

  • Piaggio Hammerhead UAV FS - Piaggio

    Italy ponders Hammerhead UAV as Predator replacement


    ​Italy is evaluating the Piaggio Aero P.1HH Hammerhead unmanned air vehicle (UAV) as a likely replacement for its air force's fleet of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Predator As from later this decade.

  • Tranche 3A Typhoon - Alenia Aermacchi

    First Tranche 3 Eurofighter for Italy emerges


    Italy’s first Tranche 3 production example of the Eurofighter Typhoon has been rolled out from Alenia Aermacchi’s Turin-Caselle final assembly line, ahead of being handed over within the next few months.

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    Italian Predator Bs start Afghan duty


    ​The Italian air force has begun using its General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Predator B unmanned air system in Afghanistan, following successful check flights.

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    Italian G550 fleet to get additional capabilities


    Italy's future two G550-based airborne early warning and control system aircraft are to gain some additional capabilities.

  • Alenia Aermacchi M-345 HET

    Italy commits to M-345 HET trainer


    ​The Italian air force is to adopt Alenia Aermacchi's developmental M-345 HET to replace its MB-339s in delivering part of its future pilot training syllabus.