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DUBAI: Vestel Karayel keeps an eye out, ready to strike

Turkish company Vestel Defence Industry’s Karayel unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is making a striking statement in the halls at the Dubai air show.

On display is the Karayel-SU, which is the latest of a four-variant family of the tactical UAVs. Compared with the baseline Karayel, the new variant has an additional 2.5m wingspan and a total of four under-wing hardpoints.

At Dubai, the aircraft is being displayed with representative Roketsan MAM-L and MAM-C munitions on the hardpoints.

Vestel says that even with a full payload of 120kg on the four hardpoints, the aircraft can still carry a 50kg electro-optical/IR payload in its fuselage bay. It can also carry laser range finders, designators and pointer payloads.

The Karayel-Su’s endurance ranges from 20 hours without munitions to eight hours with a full weapons load. Its operating altitude is 18,000ft, and it has a datalink range of more than 150km.

Vestel adds that it is scouting for exports of the unmanned platform, and looking for a wide range of collaborative partners.

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