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  • Garuda CRJ1000

    Chaotic leadership is holding Garuda back


    Garuda’s revolving door of leaders has proved detrimental to its long-term interests and must be addressed for the carrier to get back on track. Emblematic of deep-seated organisational issues, the worst blows Garuda suffered in 2019 were the misstatement of its 2018 financial results and the public dismissal of ...

  • Bek Air crash4

    Fatality-free aviation remains distant dream


    After an encouraging series of airline safety figures recorded around the middle of the last decade, some observers pondered whether the prospect of a fatality-free year could be a realistic short-term ambition for the industry.

  • Comment2-c-MartinLee_Shutterstock

    Airbus wins the contest that never was


    What’s wrong with a duopoly? Well, when one of the two protagonists drops out, it turns into a monopoly.

  • Tehran 737 crash

    737 crash response needs transparency from Tehran


    Given the rock-bottom relations between Iran and the USA, it is inevitable that the 8 January crash of Ukraine International Airlines flight PS752 near Tehran has become ensnared by the tension between the two.

  • F-35C

    Can Lockheed repeat F-35 production success in 2020?


    One year ago, many observers doubted that Lockheed Martin would succeed in keeping its aggressive production ramp-up for the F-35 on track, given the programme’s troubled past.

  • Dennis Muilenburg - Jim Young/AP/REX/Shutterstock

    Changing leaders does not solve all Boeing’s problems


    Dennis Muilenburg took the Boeing helm in the summer of 2015 during a relatively benign period for the manufacturer. But as he departs, there is a very different atmosphere at the firm’s Chicago headquarters, where the ongoing 737 Max crisis still has many more questions than answers.

  • comment-2-c-us-air-national-guard

    Next decade will bring more ‘unknown unknowns’ for aerospace


    Predicting which surprises the coming decade might hold for the aerospace sector may well be a hopeless task, but the events that will unfold through the 2020s may be hard pushed to match some of the drama experienced over the past 10 years.

  • Extinction rebellion

    How are airlines handling scrutiny of their environmental impact?


    The airline industry’s impact on the environment has moved up the agenda at an impressive pace during 2019.

  • MaxParking-c-Ted_S_Warren_AP_Shutterstock

    The end of 2019 does not signal an end to Boeing's woes


    Boeing had been hoping that its problems would be, if not be ended, then at least on the way to being solved as 2019 draws to a close, but that no longer appears the case.

  • Thomas Cook

    Despite 2019’s challenges, aviation continues to weather the storm


    Boeing stockpiles undeliverable aircraft after a fatal crash grounds its most popular model and undermines confidence. Meanwhile, Airbus throws in the towel on the superjumbo era, Bombardier bows out of commercial aviation, Embraer nears the end of the road as an independent airliner-maker and Mitsubishi confronts reality – again.

  • A400M Airbus Military first flight

    Ten years after debut, can A400M sales take off?


    It has certainly taken a long time, but Airbus at last looks to be entering smoother air with its long-troubled A400M Atlas tactical transport.

  • Emirates A380 Dubai 2019

    The weird parallel reality of the WTO spat


    One of the most fascinating aspects of the World Trade Organization dispute has nothing to do with the boasts about penalties and tariffs, or the squabble over who gained the greatest advantage from government handouts – but rather the potential realities that might have materialised if the controversial financial support had never existed.

  • Thales future cockpit - Thales

    Will technology transform efficiency of flight?


    In his classic A Brief History of Time, Stephen Hawking freely admitted he struggled to visualise multiple dimensions – barely coping with two. If the physicist who upturned thinking about black holes, relativity and quantum mechanics could not quite grapple with the shape of the universe (or in his case, ...

  • 737 Max 10 unveiling

    Can biggest 737 Max variant be a perfect 10?


    Amid the safety crisis enveloping the wider Boeing 737 Max programme, it has been easy to lose track of the progress of individual models.

  • Virgin Atlantic Pride flight

    Action needed on LGBTQ diversity at airlines


    A diverse and inclusive workplace is a better one, writes IATA’s Dexter Morse, but more airlines need to adopt a structured approach to the issue

  • GlobalEye

    Saab's GlobalEye keeps seeking out sales


    For the second time in four short years, Saab emerged as one of the surprise high fliers at the biennial Dubai air show – but its repeat sales success with the GlobalEye surveillance aircraft was just reward for a decade-plus relationship forged with the United Arab Emirates’ military.

  • Emirates Boeing signing

    Emirates shows restraint in latest order spree


    Emirates is renowned for its huge aircraft orders, and this year’s Dubai air show was no disappointment. But dig a bit deeper and it quickly becomes clear that the airline has actually been quite restrained in its spending.

  • 737 Max 8 - Boeing

    Is 737 Max nearing a comeback?


    When will the 737 Max fly again? For months, it seemed one guess was as good as the next. You might as well have asked someone off the street.

  • A330 MRTT - Airbus Defence & Space

    Ready for the next big tanker battle?


    Much as an army cannot march on an empty stomach, an air force can have only limited effect without the range- and endurance-boosting support provided by in-flight refuelling tankers.

  • KE safety video 2019

    K-pop safety video signals change at Korean Air


    Korean Air is showing off some new K-pop moves in its new safety video and wants its customers to sit up and pay attention.