Qatar Airways flights have been granted limited access to United Arab Emirates airspace in order to ease operations over the Gulf.

NOTAMs issued by the United Arab Emirates state that a temporary air traffic services route has been created between Iranian airspace and Bahraini airspace, passing through the UAE flight information region.

This corridor, designated T665, extends from waypoint DAPER in the east through ITMUS, some 70nm north-west of Abu Dhabi, to the OVONA waypoint bordering Bahrain.

The NOTAM states that the corridor – from cruise altitudes of 22,000-30,000ft – is intended for Qatari-registered long-haul aircraft inbound to Doha.

Qatar's civil aviation authority states that the opening of the air route follows an extraordinary meeting of the ICAO Council within the last few days, during which it had considered the impact of the airspace blockade on Qatar's aviation industry.

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE banned Qatari-registered aircraft from their airspace in early June.

Source: Cirium Dashboard