Canadian investigators have disclosed that a Jazz Mitsubishi CRJ900 experienced an uncommanded climb and acceleration during a domestic service.

The aircraft had departed Vancouver for Saskatoon on 13 February.

Transportation Safety Board of Canada states that the incident occurred as the aircraft was cruising at 37,000ft some 60nm east of Vernon.

According to a safety board bulletin the aircraft underwent an “abrupt” and uncommanded climb, adding that the altitude “jumped up” by 1,000ft from the assigned level.

The CRJ900’s airspeed also increased by 30kt and the overspeed alarm sounded in the cockpit.

A few seconds later, says the bulletin, the aircraft slowed to its normal cruise speed and the crew manually descended to the previous altitude.

None of the 74 passengers and four crew members was injured, and the flight continued to Saskatoon without further incident.

Transportation Safety Board identifies the jet as C-GCJZ, which was delivered new to the carrier towards the end of 2020.

Jazz Air Canada Express CRJ900-c-Bombardier

Source: Bombardier

Investigators state that the CRJ900 was at 37,000ft before the uncommanded climb