Nigerian investigators have opened an inquiry after a United Nigeria Airlines Embraer ERJ-145 suffered a runway excursion at Lagos, the second such occurrence involving the carrier in about three months.

The aircraft had been arriving from Owerri, with 51 passengers and four crew members, on 8 September.

Nigeria’s Safety Investigation Bureau states that the aircraft “skidded off” runway 18R after landing at around 18:33.

“There was no injury or fatality,” the bureau adds.

Meteorological information for Lagos indicated good visibility but the presence of cumulonimbus activity, and a crosswind component from the right.

The airline, however, says the aircraft, operating flight U50513, “landed normally” but “aquaplaned due to a downpour”.

United Nigeria ERJ-c-United Nigeria

Source: United Nigeria Airlines

United Nigeria also suffered an excursion involving an ERJ at Lagos on 31 May

“Passenger safety is of utmost priority,” says the carrier. “We assure our passengers that we value their safety and will not compromise on it.”

The investigation bureau is appealing for photographs or video footage to assist with its inquiry into the “serious incident”.

It has identified the ERJ-145 involved as 5N-BWY. The aircraft was originally delivered to US carrier ExpressJet Airlines in 2002, and acquired by United Nigeria in 2019.

United Nigeria was involved in another ERJ-145 runway excursion, also at Lagos, on 31 May. That aircraft (5N-BWW) was arriving after a domestic service from Abakaliki.