Airbus has turned to medical equipment production at its otherwise-dormant Spanish facilities, manufacturing visor frames through 3D printing.

Spain has been badly affected by the coronavirus crisis and Airbus aircraft production at its centres in the country has been temporarily suspended after the government brought in strict new containment measures.

Airbus says it is taking advantage of a patented design to produce polylactic acid plastic visor frames which will be distributed to hospitals and medical centres in the vicinity of its Spanish facilities.

The scheme is being assisted by Airbus’s specialist design and prototyping division ProtoSpace, through support from its German facilities in Stade.

More than 20 printers are engaged in the “day and night” production effort in Spain, says the airframer, and “hundreds” of visors have been built.

“Overnight we have gone from making aerospace concepts to medical equipment,” says Getafe-based Airbus Protospace head Alvaro Jara. The production is classed as essential activity, enabling Airbus personnel to continue the work.

Airbus visor

Source: Airbus

Airbus is using 3D printing to produce the equipment