Chinese MRO company GAMECO has expanded its maintenance capacity with a third hangar at its Guangzhou base. 

The third hangar adds 11 more heavy maintenance lines to existing capacity, covers an area of more than 50,000 sqm (538,000 sqft), and is capable of handling a wide range of Airbus and Boeing types.  


Source: GAMECO

One of GAMECO’s hangars in Guangzhou.

GAMECO states that the facility can simultaneously park six widebodies and five narrowbodies, which it adds will “effectively alleviate” the shortage of maintenance slots. 

The China Southern Airlines-owned company adds: “After [the] hangar is put into use, it will also drive the development of line maintenance, component repair, composite repair, landing gear overhaul and part manufacturing…providing stronger support for the rapid growth of China Southern Airlines’ fleet and greater production capacity to undertake third-party business at home and abroad.” 

“[The hangar’s] completion strengthens the position of Guangzhou airport economic zone as an important national aircraft maintenance center and it brings Guangzhou city a huge step closer to achieve the goal of being a truly global aircraft maintenance centre,” says GAMECO.

Work on the third hangar began in May 2019 and was completed by November 2021. GAMECO notes that the coronavirus outbreak, which was first reported in China, had affected construction schedules.