Korean lessor Solyu has placed a pre-order for 50 electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft from Japan-based air mobility firm SkyDrive. 

Under the memorandum of understanding, signed on 15 September, both parties will also work together to “evaluate commercial eVTOL considerations”, including vertiports and other infrastructure requirements. 


Source: SkyDrive

SkyDrive has secured pre-orders from Korean lessor Solyu.

SkyDrive is working towards gaining is working Japanese certification of its eponymous SkyDrive three-seater eVTOL, and has previously stated a 2026 target. At this year’s Paris air show, SkyDrive announced modifications to its eVTOL aircraft by adding an extra seat.

The latest announcement marks SkyDrive’s first pre-order from the leasing sector. Seoul-headquartered Solyu is focused on the zero-emissions aircraft sector, and recently signed a letter of intent with USA-based Eviation to order 25 Alice electric aircraft. 

SkyDrive also has commitments from North American and Vietnamese customers. In July, it secured its first pre-orders in North America, with South Carolina-based charter outfit Austin Aviation signing for five examples.