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  • A350 climb

    A350s become freighters through Airbus pallet-for-seat swap


    Airbus is offering carriers a modification and regulatory support scheme to convert passenger A350s, A330s and A340s temporarily into main-deck freighters by swapping out seats and fitting pallets onto their floor tracks. Modification is provided to operators under an Airbus service bulletin which sets out not just the engineering ...

  • Leap engine

    Safran expects to build 1,000 CFM Leap engines this year


    French aerospace specialist Safran is expecting to manufacture around 1,000 CFM International Leap engines this year, having delivered 40% fewer civil powerplants over the first quarter. It says it handed over 326 engines from the CFM56 and Leap range in the three-month period. These included 272 Leap engines, down ...

  • A320neo

    Airbus rekindles support from export credit agencies


    Airbus believes the support of export credit agencies will be important to assist the funding of deliveries to customers during the air transport crisis. But the airframer is not intending to extend financing itself, unless particular circumstances warrant such a measure. Airbus chief financial officer Domink Asam, speaking ...

  • A320 family assembly

    Airbus staying prepared for aggressive single-aisle rebound


    Airbus is expecting the single-aisle market to recover faster than the long-haul sector, but the airframer is stressing that the pattern of deliveries is the most difficult part of its business to forecast. It has not offered any guidance in its newly-issued first-quarter financial statement. Airbus chief executive ...

  • A350-900-Ultra-Long-Range-Singapore-Airlines-take-off c Airbus

    Airbus not expecting to review production levels before mid-year


    Airbus is not expecting to review the cuts to its aircraft production rates until around mid-year, when the second-quarter impact of the air transport crisis becomes clearer. The manufacturer has made deep cuts to the output from its A320, A330 and A350 lines. Chief executive Guillaume Faury, speaking ...

  • A300-900 251t mtow 1

    Airbus concentrates on cash preservation as crisis starts to bite


    Airbus’s first-quarter earnings in the commercial aircraft sector have fallen by more than 80% under the impact of fewer deliveries arising from the coronavirus crisis. The ariframer says it is maintaining a “strong focus” on cash containment after its “solid” start to the year rapidly deteriorated as the pandemic ...

  • Comac_ARJ

    Comac makes first jet delivery after resuming production


    Comac has delivered its 24th ARJ21 regional aircraft, the first aircraft to be delivered since the Chinese airframer resumed work following the coronavirus outbreak. The aircraft, registered B-604F, was delivered to Chengdu Airlines. Comac states that the aircraft is managed by lessor ICBC Financial Leasing. The aircraft is ...

  • Broughton

    Airbus furloughs over 3,000 UK wing-plant personnel


    Airbus’s UK division is to furlough some 3,200 personnel at its wing-production plant in Broughton as part of measures to cope with the coronavirus crisis. The staggered furloughs – which will start over the next three weeks, and last for three weeks – affect the majority of production and ...

  • E2 landing

    Embraer starts Boeing split proceedings but stays vague on future plans


    Embraer has formally commenced arbitration proceedings following the decision by Boeing to terminate the companies’ $4.2 billion merger. But the Brazilian airframer has offered little insight into its response to the sudden collapse of the proposed commercial and military partnership, and the extent to which it had prepared for ...

  • Embraer 190-E2

    Why Boeing’s jilting leaves Embraer bitter and frustrated


    Embraer’s fierce reaction to prospective suitor Boeing’s decision to bale from their intended commercial partnership is hardly surprising, given that the Brazilian airframer stands to lose heavily from the split. While the tie-up proposal, unveiled in late 2017, might have given the impression of a hastily-shoehorned response to Airbus’s ...

  • Embraer Boeing joint venture

    Boeing walks away from Embraer tie-up


    Boeing has abandoned its plans for a tie-up with Embraer, exercising its right to terminate the agreement for joint commercial and military aviation ventures. The US airframer says its master transaction agreement with the Brazilian manufacturer had reached its initial termination date on 24 April. This was subject ...

  • efanx1

    Rolls-Royce to continue ground test of E-Fan X systems despite axing of programme


    Rolls-Royce is to continue ground-test activities on the power generation system it was developing as its contribution to the Airbus E-Fan X, despite the programme’s cancellation before the hybrid-electric demonstrator ever flew.

  • efanxcockpit

    Airbus and Rolls-Royce cancel E-Fan X hybrid-electric RJ100 experiment


    Airbus and Rolls-Royce have axed the E-Fan X demonstrator programme, a year before the experimental hybrid-electric engine airliner was supposed to fly. The E-Fan X programme was launched to explore electric aviation and involved equipping a BAE Systems Avro RJ100 with a hybrid engine. But Airbus chief technology ...

  • MC-21

    MC-21 flight-testing resumes as Irkut adapts to new practices


    Flight-testing of the Irkut MC-21 has resumed at Moscow’s Gromov institute after a temporary interruption to enable compliance with new requirements to counter the coronavirus outbreak. United Aircraft states that it is trying to “minimise the impact” of the situation on the twinjet’s test and certification programme. It ...

  • A350 cockpit

    Airbus develops anti-spill cover to protect A350 centre pedestal


    Airbus has developed a removable cover for A350 integrated control panels, designed to protect vital systems from inadvertent liquid spills in the cockpit, after two incidents which preceded uncommanded engine shutdown. The cover – which protects engine master levers, thumbwheels and rotary knobs – needs to be removed during ...

  • A320neo

    Airbus tests resin-transfer for A320neo spoiler production


    Airbus partner Spirit AeroSystems has started manufacturing resin-transfer moulded spoilers for the A320neo family, applying the process for the first time to high-volume large aircraft structural components. Resin-transfer moulding involves clamping dry fibres in a mould before injecting resin, a process which results in a consistently accurate product, the ...

  • A321XLR

    A321XLR metal-cut commences as structures supplier list firms up


    Airbus has cut the first metal for the initial A321XLR and completed selection of suppliers for the long-range aircraft’s key components. The A321XLR, an evolution of the A321neo, was unveiled at the Paris air show last year and is intended to operate across a range up to 4,700nm. ...

  • Pegasus A321neo 2

    Airbus engages ‘remote delivery’ initiative to transfer aircraft to customers


    Airbus has started capitalising on communications technology and amended logistical procedures to enable delivery of aircraft remotely, allowing it to continue handing over jets to customers despite the restrictive measures imposed by the coronavirus crisis. Turkish budget carrier Pegasus Airlines has received three Airbus A320neo-family jets through the remote ...

  • VSMPO-Avisma

    Russian titanium giant cuts output as aircraft demand sinks


    Falling demand for new aircraft has prompted the major Russian metals producer VSMPO-Avisma to cut the quantity of titanium output by about a third this year. The company is a key supplier to the aerospace industry – including Boeing and Airbus – providing the materials for such assemblies as ...

  • Boeing 787 production

    Big Japanese 787 suppliers suspend operations


    Boeing’s Tier 1 manufacturers in Japan have suspended 787-related operations, following the US airframer’s factory closures in the USA due to the spread of the coronavirus. Kawasaki Heavy Industries and Subaru’s aerospace unit both announced the closure of their 787-related factory lines from 20 April until May. Kawasaki’s ...