Aeroflot Group has disclosed that the Russian state’s share in the airline company has reached 57.34% as a result of its capital increase.

The Russian government had been prepared to maintain at least its previous 51.2% shareholding in the company during the share issue.

Aeroflot Group had also been 3.5%-owned by state technology firm Rostec and 4.3% had been held in quasi-treasury shares. Almost all the remaining 41% was free-floated, owned by institutional and retail investors.

During the share issue the authorised capital rose by 1.33 billion shares to 2.44 billion.

The company says the capital increase process has been completed and that it has raised Rb80 billion ($1 billion) to reinforce its liquidity, with the Russian state holding 57.34%.

Aeroflot Group adds that the free-float component stands at 40.65%, while the quasi-treasury block of shares is down to 1.96%. Management holds 0.05%.

Aeroflot A350-c-Aeroflot

Source: Aeroflot