Russian carrier S7 Airlines is to increase its capacity through the lease of Airbus A321s from state lessor GTLK.

S7 has reached an agreement to take three of the twinjet type.

All three will be delivered in an full economy-class configuration. Two of the jets are fitted with 219 seats and the third with 220.

“The aircraft will undergo thorough maintenance before entering service,” says GTLK.

It states that they will be removed from storage, and technical work will then be carried out to prepare the aircraft for operation.

S7 A321-c-Anna Zvereva Creative Commons

Source: Anna Zvereva/Creative Commons

S7 has been a high-profile user of Western-built aircraft

GTLK adds that, as part of the process, the jets will be repainted in S7’s livery.

It says the aircraft will be introduced ahead of the summer season, adding that they will “help increase the volume of Russian civil air transport”.

GTLK has not identified the specific airframes or their engine type.