All 136 passengers from a British Airways Boeing 777 have been evacuated, with only a few minor injuries, after the aircraft was badly damaged while landing at London Heathrow today.

The aircraft, arriving from Beijing, came to rest at the threshold of runway 27L. Its undercarriage has been torn off and the twin-jet has sustained substantial damage to the engines and wings.

British Airways says the aircraft was transporting 136 passengers – it has not given a figure for the number of crew members – and that three passengers suffered minor injuries during the subsequent evacuation.

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It has not given any further information on the circumstances of the accident. While airport operator BAA says the aircraft was making an emergency landing, BA is unable to say whether the crew had declared an emergency before touchdown.

Heathrow’s southern runway, 09R/27L, has been closed. Heathrow’s northern runway is still in operation.

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