The Royal Jordanian Air Force has taken delivery of its first five Bell 505 training helicopters from a 10-aircraft acquisition signed last year.

“Bell is thrilled to complete the first Bell 505 deliveries to the Royal Jordanian Air Force and looks forward to equipping its cadets with a full fleet of technologically advanced, dynamic aircraft that will enhance the armed forces’ operational readiness,” says Patrick Moulay, the airframer’s senior vice-president, international commercial sales.

Bell 505

Source: Bell

Jordan will operate a 10-strong fleet of Bell 505 trainers

Signed in July 2022, Amman’s order also covers the delivery of a flight training device and computer-based instruction at the King Hussein Air College in Mafraq.

“These deliveries mark the expansion of our operations and the growth of the capabilities of the Royal Jordanian Air Force,” says Brigadier General Mohammad F Hiyasat, the service’s commander.

Bell notes that its five-seat, Safran Arrius 2R-engined 505 is already in operational use as a military trainer in the Middle East region with Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates’ Horizon International Flight Academy.