Tim Ripley  

Electronic warfare (EW) specialists will be making a bee-line for the new Elusion EW training system, which is making its debut at Farnborough.

The simulation and training arm of UK defence electronics giant Marconi Electronic Systems is marketing the system internationally after securing a contract earlier this year from the Royal Air Force for four systems.

Students at the Air Warfare Centre at RAF Cranwell are already using it during specialist EW and other training courses.

"Elusion enhances our training capabilities and enables to teach EW principles through the virtual environment," says the RAF.


"Elusion is a comprehensive, integrated EW training system for use in headquarters, bases and frontline squadrons," says David Jarret, Elusion project manager. "This versatile system can be used for basic, advanced and continuation training in electronic aspects of equipment re-programming, mission planning and development of operations.

"Elusion is a well proven system developed and used at the GEC-Marconi owned Dunbridge College."

Elusion comprises a suite of software tools, which will run on a standard PC, using either Windows 95 or NT operating systems. The systems database can be updated or amended by user with his own classified data.

The system contains five main elements:EW database, mission planner, exercise generator, cockpit viewer and mission viewer.

The flexible EW database allows the user to archive and retrieve data relating to emitters, radars, weapons and associated platforms. The mission planner tool allows an instructor or user to create an electronic warfare threat scenario by placing weapons systems and radars on a three dimensional terrain map. The operator can then plan a mission against the scenario.

The exercise generator enables the instructor to manipulate the exercises and the operator to create a pre-flight message (PFM) tailored to the scenario in the mission planner.

Once complete, the PFM can be loaded into the cockpit viewer, which runs in real-time. An optional mission viewer provides an out-of-cockpit view with a superimposed head-up display, but can also provide a ground-to-air display from any ground based asset.

Source: Flight Daily News