The civil aviation authorities of Singapore and China have signed an aviation maintenance agreement, which will see reduced administrative hassle in obtaining each other’s maintenance licences, among other benefits.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) adds this is the first time the agency has signed such an agreement with a foreign country. Both parties inked the agreement at the Conference of Directors General of Civil Aviation, Asia and Pacific Region, which was held in Kathmandu.

The CAAC states that through the agreement MRO companies can obtain the maintenance licences from the other civil aviation authority without needing an onsite review. This, it adds, will help speed up the obtaining of licences, and reduce administrative costs for MRO companies.

There are 43 aviation maintenance firms in Singapore that hold Chinese maintenance licences, which allow them to perform maintenance on aircraft and components fitted onto Chinese-registered aircraft. These include the MRO arms of airlines, as well as authorised maintenance companies from manufacturers. Conversely, there are 26 Chinese aviation maintenance firms that are licensed to perform maintenance work on Singapore-registered aircraft.

The cooperation with CAAS is also one step for the CAAC to improve its competitiveness internationally, the agency adds.

CAAS director-general Kevin Shum says: "This agreement is a testament to the strong relationship between CAAS and CAAC. While our organisations facilitate air traffic growth between our countries, we remain committed to ensure the highest safety standards.”

Story updated with information from CAAS.