Aviation and transport were right at the top of the agenda at the recent United Nations COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow and it provided a boost for aviation decarbonisation and the sector’s net zero emissions. The drive towards increased availability and use of sustainable aviation fuels was crystal clear at COP26, as was a critical need for government, industry, and wider stakeholder collaboration to incentivise its use.

However, the ramp up of SAF and the development of engine technology to deliver a zero emissions aircraft is work in progress, with years of effort ahead to deliver results. This FlightGlobal webinar, the fourth this year in its series on sustainability, will explore with several leading industry voices what travellers, corporates, airlines, and businesses can do today to deliver an impact on decarbonising aviation.

It will be a real-world debate about airline priorities and activities today, the same for corporates and the same for travellers. Who is paying what? Who is doing what? Is it meaningful? When will it become meaningful? Do travellers care? Do people pay for their carbon today or see offsets as important? What about businesses? What is the role of corporates and airlines to foster/encourage uptake?

Joining Mark Pilling, FlightGlobal’s contributing editor and the moderator of the webinar, and leading figures in the world of aviation and sustainability:

Speaker 1: Diana Birkett Rakow, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainability at Alaska Airlines

Speaker 2; Julia Fidler, Senior Sustainability Program Manager - Procurement at Microsoft

Speaker 3: Gaël Méheust, President & CEO, CFM