A fixed-cost maintenance management plan that looks after not only the engine but the nacelle and all labor outlays – and almost always pays for itself by boosting aircraft availability, salability, and residual values.

That is the promise of Rolls-Royce CorporateCare Enhanced, the latest iteration of the industry-leading aftercare program. Launched in 2019, Enhanced now covers more than half of the 2,500 aircraft on CorporateCare contracts and has become the default offer to business jet customers.


Source: Rolls-Royce

CorporateCare Enhanced can be summed up in a phrase: “If we provide it, we cover it.” According to Andy Robinson, senior vice-president services and customer support at Rolls-Royce, it standardizes the support the manufacturer offers on any of its products, giving customers ultimate peace of mind.

Rolls-Royce has invested heavily in the service network and assets needed to deliver this level of support. “The program covers erosion, corrosion, labor, troubleshooting, mobile repair and more,” he says. “And on programs where we are responsible for the nacelle – the Pearl 15, Pearl 700, BR710, and BR725 – that is covered too, including the thrust reverser and all associated parts.”

While the standard CorporateCare package includes engine repairs and limited labor, Enhanced goes much further. “Unless the damage is FOD related, you should never get another bill,” says Robinson. “Even oil during an engine change is covered.”

There are other pluses. Pearl engines – that power Bombardier Global 5500s and Global 6500s as well as the upcoming Gulfstream G700 and G800, and Dassault Falcon 10X – come with an engine vibration health monitoring unit that produces tens of thousands of parameters of performance data hourly.

CorporateCare Enhanced customers automatically receive a monitoring service that – with the help of algorithms – remotely analyses the condition of an engine every time it lands, spotting potential faults long before they happen, and prompting service teams to recommend an inspection.

This saves operators time, money, and hassle as they avoid unscheduled maintenance events. “It’s the ultimate in predictive maintenance,” says Robinson. “You can potentially get to the point where you are never going to have an AOG.”


Source: Rolls-Royce

However, one of the biggest advantages of the program is that owners know the extra attention the engines and nacelle receives will make their aircraft easier to sell. “CorporateCare customers already enjoy a residual value and liquidity benefit, but with Enhanced this improves considerably,” notes Robinson.

For many years, Rolls-Royce has relied on regular feedback on its products and service from operators who sit on its Corporate Customer Councils in Europe and North America. It was commentary from those groups that sparked the concept for CorporateCare Enhanced.

“About six years ago, we started to hear things along the lines of: ‘We need someone to take care of the nacelle’, and ‘Why can’t we just have one level of coverage for all our engines?’,” says Robinson. “So that is what we set out to achieve, and CorporateCare Enhanced was born.”

Of course, launching such an extensive support program would be impossible without an international service infrastructure – one that has been growing. “We have the biggest and most powerful service network in the world to back this up,” he says. “We can get people back in the air quicker than anyone else.”

Today, this includes 85 authorized service centers, 80 technicians and 10 parts stores with 180 spare engines ready to be installed if needed - all strategically placed around the world. There are even four Pearl 700s on standby, ready for the G700’s imminent entry into service. “It’s a huge investment by us,” states Robinson.

The expansion was prompted by the fact that Rolls-Royce engines have been chosen to power several of the longest-range business jets, such as the Falcon 10X, G800 and Global 6500, designed to transport their passengers in ultimate comfort over vast continents and oceans.

“From a fleet that had a concentration in the USA and Europe, we now have customers all over the world. We have to offer the same capability everywhere,” says Robinson. “Today, there are not many places our customers can’t reach – and we are always close by.”

The strategy of having a dedicated services infrastructure for business aviation customers pays off. Rolls-Royce’s ‘Averted Missed Trip’ rate, a key measure in this market sector, has reached an industry-leading level of 99%. CorporateCare and CorporateCare Enhanced customers benefit from this network by enjoying faster response times and reduced maintenance time with simplified, streamlined administration wherever they fly.

Although the speed of take up of CorporateCare Enhanced has exceeded Rolls-Royce’s initial targets – more than 1,250 aircraft are now covered and counting – the company is still keen to spread the word about the programme.

“Our goal is to have all our customers on CorporateCare Enhanced,” says Robinson. “Once they see the benefits, they are convinced.”

If you want to know more about the benefits of CorporateCare Enhanced, please go to: https://www.rolls-royce.com/products-and-services/civil-aerospace/services/business.aspx