Spanish investigators have disclosed that an Avianca Boeing 787-8’s crew initiated a sharp manoeuvre which injured two occupants of the aircraft during a service to Barcelona.

The aircraft (N796AV) had been descending through 26,000ft towards its destination on 3 November, while operating the carrier’s AV18 service from Bogota.

Spanish investigation authority CIAIAC states that the aircraft had been in the vicinity of the DIRMU waypoint, which lies 90nm west-north-west of Barcelona’s El Prat airport on the UN725 airway.

CIAIAC says the aircraft’s airspeed increased until it was “close” to the maximum permitted level, known as Vmo.

“In order to reduce speed, the crew responded by extending the [speed brakes] and pulling the control column,” it adds.

But this resulted in the 787 experiencing a 2.1g vertical acceleration, inflicting “serious” injuries on a flight attendant and a passenger, the inquiry states.

The injured occupants were transferred to hospital upon the aircraft’s arrival at Barcelona.

CIAIAC has yet to reach conclusions about the incident. Cirium fleets data shows that the twinjet involved, a Rolls-Royce Trent 1000-powered airframe, was delivered to the carrier only in September last year.