Russian investigators are probing a take-off incident involving a Globus Boeing 737-800 which became airborne after apparently overrunning at Moscow Domodedovo.

Surveillance cameras captured the jet, with its nose up for rotation, on runway 32L as it departed for Simferopol on 5 August.

The images indicate the aircraft was either still on the ground or barely airborne as it travelled past the threshold for the opposite-direction runway 14R.

Moscow's interregional transport department of the federal Investigative Committee says a subsequent inspection of the runway after the "aviation event" revealed glass fragments from broken lighting.

It adds that checks are under way intended to establish "all the circumstances and causes" of the incident.

Russian news outlet Vesti states that the aircraft took off at 05:33. Based on this information, FlightGlobal has tentatively identified the 737-800 involved as VQ-BKV, which Cirium's Fleets Analyzer lists as a 2011 airframe.

The aircraft did not return to Domodedovo but proceeded to Simferopol.

Runway 32L is 3,500m in length but provisional FlightGlobal examination of publicly-available – but unverified – ground-surveillance data indicates the aircraft conducted a departure from around the A8 taxiway about 1,000m from the threshold. This has not been confirmed.

Globus is a division of S7 Group which includes the mainline carrier S7 Airlines.

Source: Cirium Dashboard