Bangkok Airways plans to increase its MRO capabilities, with a new hangar at Sukhothai that will be able to hold two Airbus A320s.

The carrier has a hangar in Bangkok that can service one aircraft, says airline president Puttipong Prasarttong-osoth. In the past, the airline used to perform maintenance work on ATRs for other operators, but it is too busy with its own fleet to handle third party work.

“We are quite busy for own servicing, with only one hangar that’s always full,” he says. “We have no time at the moment, but we plan new facilities in Sukhothai for maintaining our aircraft, and we can take third party service, and also our plan we would apply for EASA Part 145.”

In addition to ATR work, the new facility will also be able to provide services for A320 family jets.

“We will start on our own [aircraft] first, and we should have room to expand and some space left. When everything is settled, we should be able to accept third party.”

The hangar design has been drawn up, and Prasarttong-osoth expects construction to commence at the end of 2018. The company manages the airport at Sukhothai.

Bangkok Airways operates 24 A320 family jets, and 14 ATR 72-500s and -600s.

Source: Cirium Dashboard