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  • UK F-35B - Crown Copyright

    F-35B due to make second attempt at UK airshow debut


    Two years after Lockheed Martin's abortive attempt to give its F-35 an international debut was scuppered by an engine fire, as many as five Joint Strike Fighters will be in the UK in July to appear at two major air shows.

  • RAF Typhoon Tornado - Crown Copyright

    Effects of UK intervention in Syria branded 'minimal'


    Defence experts have dismissed the significance of the UK’s intervention against Islamic extremists in Syria, claiming that the worth is “minimal”, and was only decided on to provide the government with a political advantage.

  • Tornado GR4 pair - Crown Copyright

    Life of RAF Tornado squadron further extended to 2018


    Further detail on the UK Ministry of Defence’s November Strategic Defence & Security Review (SDSR) has revealed the retirement of a Panavia Tornado GR4 squadron will be pushed back to 2018, from the previously announced 2017 date.

  • UK Chinook HC6 - Boeing

    UK eyes potential for in-flight refuelling of helicopters


    ​The UK is exploring options for its transport rotorcraft, including in-flight refuelling, as it looks to extend the operational range of its fleet in line with commitments in a recent defence review.

  • Tornado Brimstone - MBDA

    RAF deploys Brimstone for counter-IS attacks


    The UK Royal Air Force has used MBDA dual-mode Brimstone laser-guided air-to-surface missiles against Islamic State militants in Syria for the first time, as the campaign in the region moves towards countering moving targets.

  • F-35

    Japan and UK further discussions around joint missile development


    A meeting of British and Japanese ministers on 8 January resulted in the two nations pledging to enter a second phase of discussions regarding the co-development of a new air-to-air missile.

  • Typhoon Paveway IV - Raytheon UK

    Raytheon hopeful of full UK adoption of Paveway IV upgrades


    Raytheon is confident the enhanced moving target-tracking seeker it is developing for its Paveway IV laser-guided bomb will be adopted by the UK Royal Air Force, but anticipates this will not happen until a new penetrating warhead has been integrated onto the service’s weapons.

  • RAF Shadow R1 - Sunshine Band AirSpace

    Extended RAF Shadow fleet to include trainer conversion


    Expanding the Royal Air Force’s fleet of Raytheon Shadow R1 signals intelligence aircraft from five to eight operational units – as revealed by the government in November – will include the conversion of one configured as a trainer, plus two new-builds.

  • Typhoon Paveway IVs - Craig Hoyle Flightglobal

    First Typhoons and additional Tornados bolster RAF's anti-IS contribution


    The extension of the UK’s operations against Islamic State militants into Syria has seen an additional two Panavia Tornado GR4s deployed to the Royal Air Force's Akrotiri base in Cyprus, plus a new deployment of six Eurofighter Typhoons.

  • Opinion

    OPINION: Second time lucky for UK defence?


    ​Life experience tells us that after making a mistake, it takes guts, humility – or both even – to recognise it and put things right.

  • SC-130J missile - Lockheed Martin

    Lockheed expresses UK MPA disappointment, looks to new opportunities


    Lockheed Martin says the lack of open competition for the UK’s newly-selected maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) is disappointing, but says there are other opportunities worldwide for its Vigilance mission system on a variety of aircraft types.

  • Apache AH1 - Crown Copyright

    UK defence review promises rotorcraft stability


    ​Reflecting its major investments in military helicopters for several years, the UK government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) contains no major surprises with regard to the rotorcraft sector.

  • P-8A

    SDSR provides surge for UK airborne capabilities


    ​The UK has revealed a commitment to a new maritime patrol aircraft plus a number of life extensions for ongoing aerial capabilities in its highly anticipated and newly-released Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR).

  • News

    ​UK to obtain nine P-8 maritime patrol aircraft


    The UK is set to announce plans to obtain nine Boeing P-8 Poseidon maritime patrol aircraft, as well as extend the service life of the Royal Air Force’s Eurofighter Typhoon fighters.

  • News

    DUBAI: Inzpire brings tablets to military cockpits


    UK firm Inzpire is promoting a tablet-based electronic flight bag for used by military air crews.

  • RAF Typhoon Dubai 2015 - BillyPix

    DUBAI: UK defence review to boost international focus


    While its likely equipment contents remain a tightly-guarded secret, strengthening the UK’s relationship with international allies will be a central theme of the UK’s soon-to-be-published Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR), one of the nation’s defence ministers has revealed.

  • P-8A

    Experts debate likelihood of UK acquiring favoured P-8


    With the release of the UK’s Strategic Defence and Security Review (SDSR) around three weeks away, one defence expert has claimed that the government should bypass a competition for the replacement of the Royal Air Force’s cancelled BAE Systems Nimrod MRA4 maritime patrol aircraft, and source an aircraft directly.

  • UAV - AscTec

    New-start Iris to offer high-end sensing UAV services


    A newly created company is preparing to penetrate the unmanned air vehicle services market by offering high-end sensing for commercial applications.

  • News

    ​ADEX: RAF A400M makes Seoul debut


    A UK Royal Air Force Airbus Defence & Space A400M was the star of this year’s Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX).

  • RAF Puma HC2 - Crown Copyright

    UK Puma crash kills five in Kabul


    ​A Royal Air Force-operated Airbus Helicopters Puma HC2 transport crashed in Afghanistan on 11 October, killing five of the 10 personnel aboard the upgraded type.