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  • West Atlantic 737-300 freighter-dxme Creative Commons

    West Atlantic amends 737 checklist after wrong-configuration take-off


    Swedish-based operator West Atlantic has modified the ‘before take-off’ checklist for its Boeing 737s after an incident in which an aircraft departed with an incorrect configuration.

  • West Atlantic ATR 72 freighter-c-West Atlantic

    West Atlantic reinforces ATR crosswind training after East Midlands excursion


    Cargo operator West Atlantic is enhancing its crosswind training for crews after an incident in which an ATR 72-200 freighter swerved from the centreline and hit runway edge lights with its nose-gear while landing at East Midlands in the UK. The turboprop was arriving from Jersey in darkness on 25 ...

  • West Atlantic overrun title-c-BEA

    Three escape 737 freighter excursion into lake at Montpellier


    French investigation authority BEA has opened an inquiry into the runway excursion at Montpellier involving a Boeing 737-400 freighter operating on behalf of West Atlantic. The aircraft came to rest with its nose in the water off the end of runway 12L following a service from Paris Charles de Gaulle ...

  • West Atlantic accident 737-c-AAIB

    ‘Over-controlled’ descent-rate deviations preceded West Atlantic 737 hard landing


    UK investigators have found that a Boeing 737-400 freighter experienced a series of sink rate deviations after its crew declared a stable approach to Exeter airport, eventually resulting in a damaging hard landing that wrote off the aircraft. The West Atlantic aircraft (G-JMCY) was conducting an ILS approach to runway ...

  • West Atlantic ATR 72 incident title-c-West Atlantic

    Load shifted on ATR 72 freighter after floor locks left unchecked


    Investigators believe an unsecured cargo container on a West Atlantic ATR 72-200 freighter shifted rearwards during take-off, then forwards during landing, after floor locks were not engaged. Despite the substantial shift of the centrally-loaded ULD container, the aircraft remained within forward and aft balance limits during its flight from Guernsey ...

  • West Atlantic ATP-c-West Atlantic

    West Atlantic ATP roll anomaly foxes UK investigators


    UK investigators have been unable to determine the reason for a West Atlantic Sweden British Aerospace ATP’s roll-control problems shortly after departing Jersey last year. The turboprop freighter (SE-MAO) had been bound for the neighbouring island of Guernsey on 18 August. After levelling at 2,000ft on a north-west heading, it ...

  • ATP landing title-c-AAIB via Flugsnug

    West Atlantic ATP veered off runway as crew botched crosswind landing


    Swedish freighter operator West Atlantic has reinforced crosswind training after investigators attributed a significant British Aerospace ATP excursion at Birmingham airport to inexperience and incorrect technique. Although the ATP, arriving from Guernsey on 22 May last year, carried out an initial crabbed approach to runway 33 in windy conditions, the ...

  • Bent 737-c-via Twitter

    West Atlantic 737 freighter damaged during Exeter landing


    Swedish-UK freight specialist West Atlantic has confirmed that one of its Boeing 737-400 cargo aircraft was involved in a landing incident at Exeter early on 19 January. West Atlantic chief Lars Jordahn tells FlightGlobal that the “incident on landing” involved freighter G-JMCY – a 1994 airframe originally delivered to Alaska ...

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    CRJ crash: Display behaviour absent from operator manuals


    ​Swedish investigators have found that operating manuals used by West Atlantic did not describe crucial aspects of the behaviour of primary cockpit displays in the event of an in-flight upset.

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    CRJ crash probe highlights ineffective crew communication


    Swedish investigators believe a Bombardier CRJ200 freighter entered a fatal descent after its crew reacted to a sudden, but inaccurate, indication of a change in attitude.

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    Crashed CRJ flight data points to anomalous pitch trace


    ​Flight-data recorder information from the crashed West Atlantic Bombardier CRJ200 freighter indicates evidence of a spurious pitch reading immediately before the autopilot on the jet disengaged.