SkyWest Airlines will add another 20 aircraft to fly under contract for United Airlines by the end of this year.

The St.George, Utah-based regional carrier said on 3 March that it will add 20 Embraer 175s to the United fleet. This is in addition to the 19 new E175s SkyWest had announced last October would be flying for United by the end of 2026.

“We’re delighted to continue enhancing our United partnership and pleased that we’re able to deliver on the strong market demand,” Chip Childs, SkyWest chief executive, says.

E175 SkyWest

Source: Ian Dewar Photography/Shutterstock

SkyWest Airlines will add 20 more Embraer E175s to United fleet in the coming months

SkyWest is now expecting delivery of 25 E175s in 2024. All but one will be positioned with United. The final jet will fly on behalf of Delta Air Lines.

Seven further aircraft will begin operating for United in 2025, and eight more in 2026, bringing the total to 39 aircraft. The carrier will add one jet for Alaska Airlines in 2025.

By the end of 2026, SkyWest is scheduled to operate a total of 278 E175s, the company says.

But while the carrier continues to add jets, Childs last month said the carrier is still struggling with pilot recruitment and retention, and is about 2,000 pilots short of market demand. 

“We have to dig ourselves out of this hole,” he said at on the company’s annual results call. “This is not going to take one year or two years.”

SkyWest has a fleet of roughly 500 regional jets flying on behalf of major airline partners Alaska, Delta, United and American Airlines