Russian operator Utair has opened a centre for maintenance of domestically-built regional aircraft including Antonov and Yakovlev types.

The centre is located at Ufa airport, located in the Bashkortostan republic.

Utair says it will employ 92 engineering personnel at the centre while another 64 specialists will work on line maintenance stations.

The facility will handle Antonov An-24 and An-26 turboprops, as well as the An-74 airlifter, plus the Yakovlev Yak-42 trijet.

Utair says it will be equipped with technical diagnostics equipment and non-destructive testing capabilities, plus a radio-electronics workshop.

General director Andrei Martirosov states that the carrier already had a maintenance facility for foreign-built aircraft.

"We are opening a centre for servicing domestic aircraft," he says. "This step will increase regional air traffic volumes from Ufa."

The airport serves as a base for Utair enabling passengers to reach regional destinations without the need to transfer through Moscow.

Ufa airport's operator states that the new maintenance facility, opened on 26 August, has been created through the reconstruction of a hangar which has been leased to Utair.

General director Alexander Andreev says the centre's expanded capabilities will complement the servicing of Boeing 737-500s.