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    How MTU Maintenance is optimizing engine MRO

    2024-06-01T08:00:00Z Paid content by

    The first and foremost realization by any worthy MRO service provider must be that no two aircraft engines are alike. And that one size never, ever fits even two, let alone, all. Airlines operate their fleets in a myriad different environments and conditions, which results in engine profiles that are ...

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    Maintaining an advantage

    2024-05-30T12:11:00Z Paid content by

    FlightSafety International might be best known for training flight crew and manufacturing the devices they are taught in. However, an increasingly important piece of the company’s portfolio is maintenance training, which it offers at some 15 locations across North America and around the world. Source: FlightSafety International FlightSafety ...

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    ​Hand in hand: why FlightSafety’s long-standing and intimate working relationship with OEMs is crucial

    2024-05-30T12:10:00Z Paid content by

    Since unveiling the G700 in October 2019, Gulfstream worked diligently to bring its newest flagship to certification. The $75 million jet – a 3m (10ft) stretch of the G650 – has a top speed of Mach 0.935 and a range of 7,750nm (14,353km), and is packed with innovative features to ...

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    Runway excursions: how to reduce the risk

    2024-05-30T12:10:00Z Paid content by

    During take-off, until V1 is reached, there are clearly defined decision points at which almost every pilot will abort the procedure if they have any concern with the conditions or performance of the aircraft. It is part of every pilot’s mental checklist. Source: FlightSafety International Training programmes are ...

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    Intelsat’s Non-Stop Innovation Redefines Inflight Connectivity

    2024-05-27T08:00:00Z Paid content by

    Demand for inflight connectivity has blossomed and increased exponentially over the last 15 years. Passengers are connecting more powerful devices, streaming copious amounts of content, accessing dynamic websites, and using data-rich applications that require higher bandwidth, lower latency, and continuous connectivity. As mobile device technology has evolved, so has supporting ...

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    CFM International’s RISE Program Gains Momentum

    2024-05-23T14:45:00Z Paid content by

    As technology testing continues for the RISE program, momentum is growing. Unveiled in 2021 by CFM International, a 50/50 joint company between GE Aerospace and Safran Aircraft Engines, the program is advancing flight technologies that aim to be 20% more fuel efficient than current commercial engines.

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    Bombardier adapts Smart Services for government and special mission customers

    2024-04-30T11:28:00Z Paid content by

    Government, medevac, and other special-mission operators of Bombardier Global and Challenger platforms can now access a version of Bombardier’s pioneering cost-per-flight-hour parts and maintenance programmes designed just for them, with the recent unveiling of Smart Services Defense. Source: Bombardier The initiative builds on Bombardier’s 38-year, sector-defining expertise ...

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    How Bombardier continues to revolutionize its customer service offering

    2024-04-19T06:57:00Z Paid content by

    Bombardier has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past six years when it comes to looking after its customers throughout the ownership of their aircraft. It’s a journey that has seen the manufacturer introduce digital initiatives such as onboard predictive maintenance software, an enhanced per-flight-hour parts and maintenance program, and ...

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    When revolutionary technologies meet passionate GE Aerospace engineers

    2024-03-21T09:58:00Z Paid content by

    What started as a fun family activity for GE Aerospace engineer Michał Janczak became a passion project that put his engineering skills to the test. Using 19,000 LEGO bricks, he worked to build a replica of the pioneering RISE program’s open fan engine architecture being developed by CFM International.

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    Business aviation’s 5G challenge: far-reaching impacts with a simple solution

    2024-03-14T16:45:00Z Paid content by

    As any frustrated mobile phone user who has struggled for a decent connection will attest, 5G (fifth generation) technology for cellular networks promises huge benefits to society, thanks to download speeds almost 200 times faster than 4G. The rapid roll-out of 5G in the USA in recent years has seen ...

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    GE Aerospace remains focused on sustainability

    2024-02-22T14:03:00Z Paid content by

    GE Aerospace is at the forefront of the aviation industry’s quest for net zero emissions. At the Singapore Airshow, they showcased the Revolutionary Innovation for Sustainable Engines (RISE) program, aimed at reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by over 20% compared to today’s most efficient engines. The RISE program features ...

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    GE Aerospace pioneers advancements in MRO

    2024-02-21T16:54:00Z Paid content by

    GE Aerospace has a long legacy in engine technology, manufacturing renowned products like the Boeing 787’s GEnx, GE9X on the soon-to-be-certificated 777X, and CFM LEAP engines in collaboration with Safran. Beyond engine design, the company is pioneering advancements in Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) operations. Its Singapore facility is the ...

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    GE Aerospace highlights commitment to Asia-Pacific

    2024-02-20T14:20:00Z Paid content by

    The vast Asia-Pacific region is one of the most dynamic for global aerospace, with a growing appetite for air travel fuelling demand for the industry’s latest products and technologies. GE Aerospace is a business that has been helping people fly for almost as long as aviation has been around, and ...

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    America’s Runway Safety Requires Urgent Action by Congress, FAA and Industry

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    Five people were killed January 2 when a jetliner with 379 passengers and crewmembers onboard collided with a coast guard aircraft on a Tokyo runway. Heroic efforts by the airliner’s cabin crew prevented greater loss of life, but the tragic accident underscores the need for immediate action to reduce the ...

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    GE Aerospace achieves new 100% SAF milestone

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    Ten different engine models made by GE Aerospace and its joint ventures have been tested with 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) since 2016 through a mix of component-, engine-, and aircraft-level tests.

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    Global 7500: the business jet that keeps on giving

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    When it comes to its ultimate business jet, Bombardier has been full of surprises – and for Global 7500 aircraft owners they have all been good ones. Unveiled as the clean-sheet Global 7000, the aircraft has consistently outperformed Bombardier’s original commitments. And with more than 150 delivered and a dispatch ...

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    Bombardier goes all out to delight customers

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    In the competitive world of business aviation, selling new aircraft is everything. However, Bombardier knows that once a jet is delivered, owners still have a choice on where to service their aircraft. That is why it has been focusing on looking after those who have bought Global, Challenger and Learjet ...

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    Behind the GE9X engine’s advanced technologies

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    The world’s largest and most powerful certified commercial aircraft engine, the GE9X is also GE Aerospace’s most efficient engine built per pounds of thrust. Incorporating advanced technologies, the GE9X engine is designed to deliver up to 10% greater fuel efficiency than its predecessor, with emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) 55% ...

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    PBS GROUP is strengthening its position of the leading global manufacturer of small jet engines

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    The company PBS GROUP, a leading Czech manufacturer of turbine engines, auxiliary power units (APU), and aircraft environmental control systems (ECS), aims to significantly strengthen its position and become the world’s largest supplier of small jet engines for cruise missiles by 2030. Currently, the company supplies engines to a wide ...

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    New international airport: The great revolution in the aviation sector

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    António Agostinho Neto International Airport (AIAAN), scheduled to open on November 10, is much more than a simple airport infrastructure. From its conception and construction to its various operational potentialities, it has always been thought of as a determining factor for the economic and social development of Angola and the ...