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  • an-26 crash

    Confusion surrounds engine 'failure' before Ukrainian An-26 training crash


    Confusion has emerged as to whether the Ukrainian military Antonov An-26 which crashed near Kharkiv suffered an engine failure before the accident. Ukraine’s defence ministry indicates there was a problem with an engine sensor before the aircraft came down in darkness, at about 20:45 on 25 September. Defence ...

  • Antonov An-26 crash in eastern Ukraine

    Antonov An-26 military transport crashes in eastern Ukraine


    Two of the 27 people on board an Antonov An-26 military transport survived after the turboprop crashed in eastern Ukraine on 25 September. The aircraft crashed in Kharkiv Oblast, a region which borders Russia to the east and the separatist area of Donbass to the south, at around 20:45 ...

  • Ukraine Black Square UAV - Yuri Kasyanov/Facebook

    Activists seek partner to bring new UAV to Ukrainian troops


    Ukrainian volunteers are seeking a partner to help bring a new unmanned air vehicle to the nation's armed forces in their fight against separatist rebels in the east of the country.

  • Estonian AF AN-2 - AirTeamImages

    Ukrainian armed forces destroy separatist aircraft


    ​The Ukrainian ministry of defence has claimed that it managed to destroy a number of aircraft held by Russian-backed separatists during two days of fighting in January.

  • An-70 - Antonov

    Ukraine gives approval for An-70 production start


    ​The Ukrainian defence ministry has given its approval for Antonov’s An-70 tactical transport to enter series production for the nation’s air force, 20 years after the company’s first prototype took to the air. Confirmation of the move came during an event at Antonov’s facilities on 22 January, and followed a ...

  • OSCE Camcopter - Schiebel

    Russia establishes military UAV unit


    ​Russia has reportedly established a dedicated unmanned air vehicle unit in the Eastern region of Chukotka, believed to stem from a $9.2 billion investment in the technology that was pledged by the defence ministry in May.

  • Il-76 crash - Rex Features

    Ukraine reacts to shot-down Il-76


    ​Forty-nine Ukrainian military personnel were killed when an air force-operated Ilyushin Il-76MD transport was shot down by pro-Russian militants in the conflict-affected nation on 14 June.