Maintenance firm Turkish Technic has fitted the upper fuselage shell for its initial Airbus A330 freighter conversion.

The section features a cut-out for the main-deck cargo door.

Turkish Technic’s facility in Istanbul was selected two years ago, by modification specialist EFW, as the first third-party centre for its A330P2F cargo conversion.

The aircraft undergoing the work is an A330-300 formerly operated by Thomas Cook Airlines, and temporarily placed on the San Marino register as T7-ULS.

Once converted it will be transferred to US customer Air Transport Services Group.

A330 conversion-c-Turkish Technic

Source: Turkish Technic

Turkish Technic has installed the upper fuselage shell which features a cut-out for the freight door

Turkish Technic chief Mikail Akbulut describes the fuselage section fit as a “major milestone” for the project.

“Demand for passenger to freighter conversions is soaring, as it offers a lifeline to ageing fleets,” the company adds.

“We’re looking forward to completing the conversion and providing the best possible performance for our customers with our extensive structural and avionic modification capabilities.”

A330P2F-c-Turkish Technic

Source: Turkish Technic

Turkish Technic is converting a former Thomas Cook aircraft for ATSG

EFW says a 21m² section of the fuselage is removed in order to reinforce the structure and then install the cargo door.

It adds that the aircraft is due to be delivered to ATSG in mid-2024.

ATSG has committed to 29 A330P2F conversions. The company’s chief commercial officer, Paul Chase, says the type is a “pivotal part” of the company’s fleet expansion, and will offer “both operational and economic benefits”.