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  • Cape Air in flight c Cape Air

    How Cape Air is recruiting pilots at both ends of the age scale


    For any airline dealing with a market shortage of pilots, encouraging some of your most promising young captains to move to another carrier once they have 3,000 flying hours under their belts might seem counter-intuitive. However, for US piston commuter airline Cape Air, its “Pilot Pathway” partnerships with two of the country’s independent mainline operators are a highly effective way of recruiting ambitious aviators in the first place – and keeping them motivated.

  • 9325858a-c-Elaine Thompson AP REX Shutterstock

    Aviation's recruitment challenge


    The world’s largest flightcrew instruction company, CAE, says the training industry is theoretically capable of churning out licensed pilots in sufficient numbers to meet unprecedented future airline demands. But, it says, attracting suitable candidates in sufficient numbers is going to be a challenge, and a lack of affordable finance for training is a large part of the problem.

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    ANALYSIS: Recaro aims to lead in business and economy cabins


    Recaro Aircraft Seating chief executive Mark Hiller is nothing if not ambitious for the privately owned German business in which he is also a shareholder.

  • BN Islander c Britten-Norman 970

    ANALYSIS: Britten-Norman pledges return to civil manufacturing


    Perhaps Britten-Norman's greatest success is that it has survived. In its early 1970s heyday, the UK's only commercial aircraft manufacturer – since BAE Systems axed its regional jet activities in 2001 – was shipping 100 piston-twin BN-2 Islanders a year. Today, annual production of its no-nonsense utility and nine-passenger transport ...

  • Tracked utilisation for cabin refits

    US airlines seek balance between comfort and revenue


    Ahead of AIX 2019, we use data from Cirium’s Fleets Analyzer to explore how four airlines are adapting cabin configurations to sell more seats on key routes, especially into slot-constrained airports

  • boeing building

    Boeing finally takes its 737 Max message public


    After months of relative quiet, Boeing on 27 March took its 737 Max message public.

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    Airliner configurations on the six longest routes


    Ahead of AIX 2019 in Hamburg, we explore the airliner configurations in use on the world’s six longest routes

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    Using data to improve the onboard experience


    The use of data analytics is enabling airlines to improve and personalise the in-flight experience for passengers, from catering to retail products, reports Kerry Reals ahead of the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services Expo, a co-located partner event to AIX 2019

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    IFEC holds place as key growth sector


    Keeping passengers connected and entertained during flights has created one of the biggest growth sectors in aviation over the past decade – and its expansion shows no sign of slowing.

  • Atmosphere cabin PIC APPROVED BY BOMBARDIER 970 WF

    ANALYSIS: Bombardier innovates with CRJ900 cabin


    As the industry gathers at AIX 2019, we examine how the upgrade by Bombardier and supplier Safran Cabin of the CRJ900 interior not only keeps pace with passenger expectations, but makes best use of all available space

  • Big Data Asia-web-970

    ​ANALYSIS: Five key themes for Big Data in aerospace


    The concept of big data and predictive maintenance has echoed around industry boardrooms for several years. In its most ideal form, massive streams of data are pumped from aircraft in real time. On the ground, networks equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) use machine learning to make sense of it all ...

  • Safran economy seat production

    ANALYSIS: How Safran is restructuring Zodiac Aerospace


    As the industry gathers for AIX 2019 in Hamburg, we examine how, following its acquisition by Safran, Zodiac Aerospace has pulled deliveries back on track and moved into the black with a restructuring aimed at restoring client confidence

  • Malaysia MiG-29s at LIMA 2003 970 c Ahmad Yusni EP

    ANALYSIS: Malaysian air requirements mostly on hold


    Setting the stage for the 2019 Langkawi International Maritime and Aviation (LIMA) exhibition to be held from 26-30 March, the Malaysian air force has issued requests for information (RFIs) covering its planned requirements.

  • nma-ga

    ANALYSIS: The questions around sole-source power and the NMA


    A key talking point around Boeing's planned New Mid-market Airplane (NMA) – and there are several – is whether a choice of engines will be offered. And as the trend for sole-sourcing powerplants grows, could the results of Boeing's NMA strategy serve to fast-track more consolidation in the engine OEM ...

  • b737-max-boeing-c-maxkj-970

    ANALYSIS: 737 Max crashes fuel longstanding safety concerns


    ​The recent Boeing 737 Max crashes have fueled several long-simmering aviation safety concerns, including those related to pilot training, cockpit technology, regulatory oversight and corporate influence.

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    ANALYSIS: How the industry has reacted to the Ethiopian Max crash


    ​At first, only China and a few smaller carriers grounded their Boeing 737 Max fleets in the response to the 10 March crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302, in which 157 people were killed.

  • Delta 2019-1 EETC

    ANALYSIS: Delta corporate funding view of EETC drove low rates


    ​Delta Air Lines locked in $500 million in cheap funding with its first enhanced equipment trust certificate (EETC) in four years earlier this month.

  • Alice - Eviation Aviation

    ANALYSIS: Electric air taxis will transform aviation - one day


    A memorable scene from the 1967 coming-of-age cinema classic, The Graduate, has Benjamin Braddock – played by a fresh-faced Dustin Hoffman – taken aside for “one word” in private by a middle-aged guest at a party thrown by his parents to mark the eponymous university graduation. That one word, of ...

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    ANALYSIS: Why Dassault trusts in abilities – not luck


    Although it has a manufacturing presence throughout France, Dassault's headquarters is in the Parisian suburb of Saint-Cloud, its heavy black gates a stone's throw from the river Seine.

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    ​ANALYSIS: China and Asia-Pacific lead 737 Max fleet distribution


    The grounding by the Civil Aviation Administration of China of Boeing 737 Max aircraft in operation with local carriers removes the single largest fleet worldwide from operation.