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  • Skylark 1 LE - Elbit Systems

    IDF considers rotary-wing UAVs for battalion-level ops


    ​Feedback from an infantryman has led to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) including rotary-wing unmanned air vehicles in its search for a new battalion-level system.

  • Python

    ANALYSIS: Long-range fashion catches on in IAF


    ​Waiting so long for Rafael to respond to a new fashion in missile technology seemed surprising only because the state-owned Israeli weapons and sensor house is most often the industry’s leading trendsetter.

  • Patroller

    Paris picks Patroller for UAV requirement


    France appears to have selected Sagem's Patroller for its army’s tactical unmanned air vehicle requirement, defeating the rival Thales Watchkeeper system.

  • eBee UAV - Sensefly

    UAV company offers to map UK to prevent future flooding


    Unmanned air vehicle provider Strat Aero has offered the UK government use of its aerial 3D mapping services to help inform flood prevention studies.

  • Tornado GR4 pair - Crown Copyright

    Life of RAF Tornado squadron further extended to 2018


    Further detail on the UK Ministry of Defence’s November Strategic Defence & Security Review (SDSR) has revealed the retirement of a Panavia Tornado GR4 squadron will be pushed back to 2018, from the previously announced 2017 date.

  • UK Chinook HC6 - Boeing

    UK eyes potential for in-flight refuelling of helicopters


    ​The UK is exploring options for its transport rotorcraft, including in-flight refuelling, as it looks to extend the operational range of its fleet in line with commitments in a recent defence review.

  • Reaper UAV - USAF

    US Air Force highlights UAV staffing strain


    The number of daily US Air Force unmanned air vehicle combat air patrols (CAPs) reached its peak in 2015, but such demand, and the resulting manning shortages, have put extra strain on surveillance operations.

  • QF-4 - US Air Force

    Demand for low airfares increasing appeal of unmanned flight


    The rising cost of providing navigation equipment for airline pilots, and the parallel demand for cheaper airfares, will inevitably lead to piloted flight being obsolete in 40 years’ time, a defence consultant has argued.

  • Tornado Brimstone - MBDA

    RAF deploys Brimstone for counter-IS attacks


    The UK Royal Air Force has used MBDA dual-mode Brimstone laser-guided air-to-surface missiles against Islamic State militants in Syria for the first time, as the campaign in the region moves towards countering moving targets.

  • Da Vinci Gen B - Flying Production

    Flying Production unveils improved Da Vinci


    ​Israel's Flying Production has unveiled an upgraded version of its Da Vinci vertical take-off and landing unmanned air vehicle. Dubbed the "Gen B", the development features a Controp electro-optical/infrared sensor and a micro data link.

  • Phoenix 30 - UAV Solutions

    Romanian army receives four Phoenix 30 UAVs


    Romania's army has a new quadrotor capability following the arrival of four UAV Solutions Phoenix 30 unmanned air vehicles.

  • Harpia

    Brazilian Harpia UAV consortium halts development


    Brazil's troubled economy and shrinking budgets have led consortium Harpia Sistemas to cease developing an indigenous variant of the Elbit Systems Hermes 450 tactical unmanned air vehicle.

  • AirMule untethered debut - UrbanAero

    PICTURES: Unmanned AirMule makes free-flight debut


    On 30 December 2015, Urban Aeronautics’ AirMule completed its first autonomous, untethered flight at Megiddo airfield in northern Israel.

  • DARPA TERN concept

    Northrop Grumman wins DARPA TERN programme


    ​Northrop Grumman will demonstrate that an MQ-9 Reaper-sized unmanned air vehicle (UAV) can operate at sea from ships smaller than an aircraft carrier under a $93 million contract awarded on 24 December.

  • News

    New JV formed to market Saab's Skeldar UAV


    ​Saab has formed a joint venture with UMS Aero Group that will take responsibility of marketing the former's Skeldar V-200 unmanned helicopter.

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    Lufthansa trials UAV at Frankfurt


    ​Lufthansa has flight-tested an unmanned air vehicle at Frankfurt airport as the airline plans to employ the technology for aerial surveillance purposes for third-party customers.

  • reaper c USAF

    France orders third Reaper system


    France has ordered the third General Atomics Aeronautical Systems MQ-9 Reaper unmanned air system to bolster its growing fleet of the type, which is operating in the Sahel-Saharan strip in Africa.

  • Neuron UCAV - Alenia

    UK predicts more stealthy and stand-off ops by 2035


    Future British military operations will require more stand-off or remotely-operated weapons to counter a spread of advanced technologies among its enemies that will make today's conflicts appear "relatively simple" by comparison, according to a Ministry of Defence research paper.

  • NATO AGS Global Hawk rollout preview - Northrop Gr

    Global Hawk readies for new payload tests


    Northrop Grumman has scheduled flight tests of three new payloads for the RQ-4B Global Hawk fleet next year.

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    Flying wing tailsitter emerges as last proposal for DARPA Tern contract


    ​Northrop Grumman revealed a flying-wing tailsitter design as the company’s offering for an experimental unmanned air system that can bring Predator-sized payload and endurance to naval ships smaller than aircraft carriers.