The armed forces of Ukraine say they have destroyed two more Russian warships in the Black Sea, this time using drone air strikes.

Two black-and-white videos released by the Ukrainian defence ministry each show a small patrol vessel manoeuvring in the water before being struck by a missile. A large explosion follows the impact in both videos.

Bayraktar screenshot

Source: Ukrainian Ministry of Defence

A still frame from a video released by the Ukranian military, which purports to show the destruction of a Russian patrol boat by a TB-2 armed drone

“Two Russian Raptor boats were destroyed at dawn today near Snake Island,” Ukraine’s defence ministry said via social media on 2 May.

Snake Island in the western Black Sea was made famous in the earliest days of the war when video showed Ukrainian defenders refusing a Russian demand to surrender. Thirteen Ukrainian personnel from the island were ultimately captured and later released.

Ukraine’s top military officer claims that Turkish-made Baykar TB-2 Bayraktar unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) were used in the 2 May Raptor strikes.

Baykar Bayraktar TB2 - 3 - c Baykar

A TB-2 Bayraktar drone, built by the Turkish manufacturer Baykar. The platform has been used extensively by Ukrainian forces in the ongoing war with Russia

“The Bayraktars are working,” says General Valeriy Zaluzhnyi in a translated statement on Twitter.

Bayraktars are considered medium-size UAVs and are capable of carrying four laser-guided munitions and a surveillance package. The platform has been used extensively in Ukraine for air-to-ground strikes on Russian forces. A Bayraktar was also reportedly involved in the attack that destroyed the Moskva, the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

That ship was heavily damaged after being struck by two shore-based, anti-ship cruise missiles. It later sunk while being towed to port by other Russian ships.