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    ​ANALYSIS: Four takeaways from Unmanned Systems Asia


    The Unmanned Systems Asia industry gathering in Singapore earlier this month saw a range of industry players gather to discuss the opportunities and challenges of integrating unmanned air systems (UAS) into commercial applications and airspace. A major thrust of the show was also Urban Air Mobility (UAM), with industry players ...

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    ANALYSIS: Zephyr soars high despite Australia crash


    An Airbus flight-test campaign to prove its solar-powered, stratosphere-cruising Zephyr aircraft and payloads it will carry for the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) got off to an inauspicious start last month, when a bout of "severe adverse weather" caused the delicate aircraft – with a 25m (82ft) wingspan but a ...

  • oil spill alert c Loic Bernardin AP Shutterstock r

    ANALYSIS: UAVs expand into maritime surveillance


    Large unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) have arguably reached their current level of technical sophistication thanks to the development investment – and operational experience – that has supported and advanced their military uses over the past couple of decades.

  • Airbus-Skyways-drone2 c Airbus

    ANALYSIS: Unmanned cargo is no simple delivery


    There has been much excitement over promises from retailers and social media companies over recent years to develop unmanned air vehicle (UAV) concepts that could deliver everyday goods. So far, however, these have not amounted to much, although the idea of an unmanned system being used for delivery is still ...

  • Black Hornet c Crown Copyright 45155077

    ANALYSIS: Militaries have big interest in tiny drones


    Long the plaything of hobbyists, small UAVs are fast becoming the latest gadget in military scouting.

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    ANALYSIS: Airports on the UAV front line


    One of the most newsworthy events relating to the use of unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) came in December 2018, when drone sightings disrupted operations at London Gatwick airport, bringing it to a standstill in the busy days leading up to the Christmas holidays.

  • UH-60 Black Hawk c Us Department of Defense Army S

    ANALYSIS: Autonomous UH-60A Black Hawk to fly in autumn 2019


    ​Autonomous flight tests of a UH-60A Black Hawk by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) are planned to start in autumn 2019.

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    ANALYSIS: Boeing’s costs rise amid signs of lengthy Max grounding


    ​Recent events have signaled to financial analysts that the global grounding of the 737 Max could last notably longer than previously expected, potentially costing Boeing hundreds of millions of additional dollars.

  • Trent XWB test cell - Delta Tech Ops

    ANALYSIS: Delta TechOps aims for billion-dollar MRO revenue


    Concrete walls separating a control room at a Delta Air Lines test-cell facility in Atlanta, Georgia, are 0.6m (2ft) thick, yet operators can still hear the roar of a Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engine while they inspect it from all angles with five video cameras.

  • Collins Aerospace Project 804 Dash 8-100

    ANALYSIS: Collins amps up electric aircraft push with 'The Grid'


    ​At a time the aerospace industry is abuzz with talk of electric aircraft concepts, Collins Aerospace is investing $50 million to turn such concepts into reality.

  • Cargo UAV prototype used in Army Research Laborato

    ANALYSIS: Drone delivery of bread and bullets for the US Army


    ​To outrun adversaries’ long-range precision weapons and keep its troops on the move, the US Army thinks cargo drones may be a front line resupply solution

  • Shadow 200 launch c US Army Sgt Michael MacLeod 60

    ANALYSIS: US hunts for Future Tactical Unmanned Aerial System


    The US Army is looking for a new tactical scouting drone that can be quickly launched and recovered from tight spaces, including dense forests or mountain ridgelines.

  • Switchblade launch c Aerovironment

    ANALYSIS: Lethal UAVs are loitering with intent


    Circling silently, several hundred feet above the battlefield – before finding a target and dive-bombing it – exploding unmanned air vehicles (UAVs), also known as loitering munitions, can hit their mark quickly and precisely. They are also relatively cheap.

  • samrath dhankhar iaf

    ANALYSIS: How LIMA deployment marked new high for India's Tejas


    Group Captain Samrath Dhankhar of the Indian Air Force has earned a spot in aviation history as the commanding officer of 45 Sqn (“The Flying Daggers”), the first to operate the Hindustan Aeronautics Tejas Mk1.

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    ANALYSIS: Seating manufacturers focus on customisation


    Two or three years ago, with production of airliner programmes ramping up fast and demand for cabin refits soaring, airframers and their airline customers had one obsession when it came to seats: ensuring the supply chain was a robust enough to provide choice and competitive pricing, and prevent the sort ...

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    ANALYSIS: IFEC evolves as passengers demand immersive experiences


    In-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) providers are adding ever more layers to their portfolios as they attempt to stay ahead of evolving demands for increased bandwidth, greater coverage, deeper personalisation and more immersive experiences.

  • Airbus ab initio at Angouleme c Airbus

    ANALYSIS: Airbus offers ab initio training


    Airbus is taking a bottom-up approach to filling a looming airline pilot shortage – by expanding its own training system to include ab-initio schooling. By starting with raw beginners, Airbus hopes to help meet the expected demand for more than 540,000 new pilots – including some 94,000 in Europe – ...

  • Cape Air in flight c Cape Air

    How Cape Air is recruiting pilots at both ends of the age scale


    For any airline dealing with a market shortage of pilots, encouraging some of your most promising young captains to move to another carrier once they have 3,000 flying hours under their belts might seem counter-intuitive. However, for US piston commuter airline Cape Air, its “Pilot Pathway” partnerships with two of the country’s independent mainline operators are a highly effective way of recruiting ambitious aviators in the first place – and keeping them motivated.

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    Aviation's recruitment challenge


    The world’s largest flightcrew instruction company, CAE, says the training industry is theoretically capable of churning out licensed pilots in sufficient numbers to meet unprecedented future airline demands. But, it says, attracting suitable candidates in sufficient numbers is going to be a challenge, and a lack of affordable finance for training is a large part of the problem.

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    ANALYSIS: Recaro aims to lead in business and economy cabins


    Recaro Aircraft Seating chief executive Mark Hiller is nothing if not ambitious for the privately owned German business in which he is also a shareholder.