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  • Boeing 737 Max

    For Latin America’s airlines, return to 2019 is ‘not good enough’


    As Latin American carriers make a steep climb out of the crisis, the region’s pre-pandemic normal is an undesirable summit

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    US court takes Avianca a step closer to emerging from Chapter 11


    The US bankruptcy court for the Southern District of New York has approved Colombia flag carrier Avianca’s disclosure statement describing the terms of its reorganisation plan.

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    Avianca submits reorganisation plan to US bankruptcy court


    Colombia’s flag carrier Avianca has submitted a reorganisation plan to a US bankruptcy court.

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    Avianca Holdings chief Van der Werff selected to lead SAS


    Latin American airline operator Avianca Holdings’ head, Anko Van der Werff, is to take up the position of chief executive of Scandinavian flag-carrier SAS by mid-July. Van der Werff will succeed Rickard Gustafson, who will relinquish his position in May and hand control in the interim to chief commercial officer ...

  • Airbus A320

    LATAM Airlines eyes Colombia expansion as restructuring continues


    LATAM Airlines Group sees opportunities to refocus its attention and resources towards the Colombian market, following the collapse of its Argentinian unit last year.

  • Avianca tail

    Avianca A319 arrives at Bogota entangled in ‘balloon’ debris


    Colombian investigators are probing an incident in which an Avianca Airbus A319 arrived at Bogota trailing a large quantity of entangled ribbon-like debris from its wings, stabiliser and fin. The airline says flight AV29 from Orlando to Bogota on 31 December was “hit by a hot-air balloon” during its landing ...

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    Avianca slides to $156 million third-quarter operating loss


    Avianca Holdings has posted an operating loss of $156 million for the three months ended 30 September.

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    Avianca boosted as US court clears it to access $2 billion in financing


    Colombia-based Avianca has received approval from the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York to access the $2 billion debtor-in-possession financing for which it had secured funding commitments on 21 September.

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    ​Court upholds decision to suspend Avianca state loan


    A Colombian court has upheld its injunction barring the national government from participating in Avianca’s debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing, but the airline is confident its latest proposal will still be approved by the US bankruptcy court.

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    Avianca appeals injunction against $370m loan


    Colombia’s Avianca, which filed for bankruptcy protection in a New York court in May, has appealed an injunction preventing disbursement of a major loan needed to keep the company afloat.

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    Avianca secures $370m government loan commitment


    Colombia’s government has committed $370 million in aid to Avianca as part of a $2 billion financing package aimed at helping the struggling carrier weather the coronavirus downturn.

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    In depth

    Latin American aviation’s coronavirus slumber far from over


    As the global aviation industry gets used to the idea that a rebound may take three years, the sector in Latin America is looking at a particularly difficult recovery, as airlines report staggering losses, borders remain closed and governments continue withholding aid.

  • LATAM 787

    More Latin American airlines could face liquidity shocks


    LATAM and Avianca are Latin America’s first carriers to file for bankruptcy protection amid the pandemic, but they are unlikely to be last considering the slow pace at which the region’s governments have implemented financial assistance programmes.

  • avianca 787

    Avianca reorganisation begins


    Avianca says initial motions in the proceedings for reorganisation under its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing have been approved by the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, allowing it to pay employees and creditors and maintain some operations.

  • Avianca 787

    Avianca to cut back fleet and close Peru division


    Latin American carrier Avianca is to shut down its Peruvian division, and cut back the fleet of other carriers, as part of the reshaping of the company being undertaken following its filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Avianca Holdings sought protection on 10 May in a joint filing covering several ...

  • Avianca Brasil

    Avianca voluntarily files for Chapter 11 protection


    Latin American operator Avianca is voluntarily filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection with a New York court, to give the company time to re-organise its business. Avianca Holdings says the filing request, with the Southern District of New York bankruptcy court, is “necessary” given the “unpredictable impact” of the coronavirus ...

  • avianca 787

    Avianca ceases domestic flights through mid-April


    Avianca has suspended domestic flights through at least 12 April, citing the Colombian federal government’s closing of the country’s airspace, which commences 25 March.

  • Avianca A319

    A319 upset included altitude loss and overspeed


    Investigators have disclosed that an in-flight upset involving an Avianca Airbus A319 resulted in a 2,500ft loss of altitude. The aircraft had been operating a San Jose-Bogota flight and was cruising at 37,000ft, with the captain as the flying pilot, when the incident occurred. French investigation authority BEA, citing Costa ...

  • Avianca A321neo

    Avianca directs cancellations at A321neo fleet


    Colombian carrier Avianca has cancelled or converted much of its Airbus A321neo order, switching some to the smaller A320neo variant. The change, listed in Airbus’s latest backlog revision, follows a previous cancellation of 62 A320neos by Avianca’s parent company Synergy Aerospace. Synergy wiped out its A320neo orders in December 2019 ...

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    Avianca latest to probe relationship with Airbus


    Colombian carrier Avianca has engaged a law firm to conduct an independent internal investigation into its relationship with Airbus, after the airline was linked to the extensive probe into alleged bribery involving the airframer. French authorities have disclosed that Airbus orders from airlines including Avianca, Air Arabia, Korean Air, China ...