Boeing Global Services has increased its MRO footprint in Asia after signing a services agreement with Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Company (GAMECO).

The deal will allow Boeing to send work to GAMECO later this year, while the manufacturer will provide training, maintenance data and technical support to the MRO as part of a commitment to uphold the manufacturer’s high work standards.

“Working with GAMECO supports our commitment to meeting the needs of our customers in the Asia-Pacific region,” says Ken Shaw, vice-president of supply chain at Boeing Global Services.

“By working with an MRO provider in the region, we can utilise their existing footprint and talent to best serve the needs of the local market.”

The tie-up with GAMECO complements two other joint venture MROs Boeing has in the region – Boeing Shanghai Aviation Services and Boeing Asia Pacific Aviation Services.

Separately, HAECO has signed a consumables and expendables service agreement with Boring Distribution Services, which will give it access to the OEM’s proprietary parts, vendor parts and distributed products from distribution centres around the world.

Source: Cirium Dashboard